[OS X TeX] Fatal format file error: ...xelatex.fmt doesn't match xetex.pool

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Thu Jan 19 07:29:11 EST 2006

> Okay, thanks for all the help!
> I killed the /library/texmf thing reconfigured TEX.ii2,
>  reinstalled XeTeX 0.99b
> and now XeTeX is working fine (well, except some fonts not found).
> Now I need some packages not included in gwtex.
> I've put the tex-tree and the fonts-tree from temf-dist on the
> TeXLive2005 DVD into usr/local/tetex/share/texmf.texlive. What is the
> best way to make TeX and co. search and find the files there?
> As the versions in the texmf-trees controlled by the i-Installer might
> be, or might get more uptodate it would be a good idea to search
> texlive.texmf last.

You should edit /Library/texmf/texmf.cnf and follow the example of how
texmf.gwtex is included. I would put the newer ones before the older ones,
so I would put texmf.texlive before texmf.tetex but after texmf.gwtex.

A warning: TeX's performance is (even with ls-R hash files) proprtional to
the size of the trees. The bigger the trees, the slower TeX becomes. Only
installing what you need is a worthwhile strategy.

Secondly, in an aswer to what has led up to this: Thomas Esser changed the
semantics of updmap and friends. As a result, all the old instructions out
there on the web have become faulty.

Where it used to be

    sudo updmap

(which these days produces root-owned files in your personal tree) it now
should be

    sudo updmap-sys

The -sys commands write in texmf.local. The non-sys write in your personal
tree. As written in the line above they do *read* your personal texmf

If you use

    sudo -H updmap-sys

updmap-sys will read *root's* personal texmf tree, which should not exists
IMO and of course still write in texmf.local.

Thomas cleaned up the commands (sadly not backward compatible) and to
protect myself from certain effects I moved from sudo to sudo -H, to make
sure anything in a personal tree from a users does not influence the
operation of the TeX i-Package.

> Maybe once for the deaf and/or stupid like me (yes I looked for it but I
> am still confused):
> What is the correct syntax for mktexlsr and updmap on a tetex3.0 mac?
> Is there an equivalent to rebuild the format files?

For hashes:

    sudo mktexlsr

For formats:

    sudo -H fmtutil-sys --all

This produces results in texmf.local. Of course if you have ever run
fmtutil (non-sys) you will have stuff in your personal tree which takes
precedence when you are actually running TeX.


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