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Ingo Reich ireich at mac.com
Thu Jan 26 07:37:06 EST 2006

Can you make a copy of the document and eliminate other material (perhaps everything except the bibliography) until you have a fairly small test case that still exhibits the same problem?


Hi Jonathan,
thanks for the offer. I tried to follow your advice and I append the relevant files below (let's call them "drive.tex" and "drive.bbl"). I made the following observations:

1. when I use times (as \rmdefault) instead of courier (as \rmdefault) the error disappears (actually I am using scala sans, but I was able to reproduce the behavior with courier)
OR [!]
2. when I delete \clubpenalty=10000, the error disappears
OR [!]
3. when I delete leftmark in my custom pagestyle "habil", the error disappears

I've got no clue why this should be so.
Thanks again for your help,

%%%%%%%%%%%% begin drive.tex %%%%%%%%%%%%%
\usepackage{courier} % no error if times and \rmdefault is used

\clubpenalty=10000 % no error if this line is deleted

	\hrule height1pt \vskip\onelineskip \raggedleft \chaptitlefont ##1}
  \renewcommand{\afterchaptertitle}{\vskip\onelineskip \hrule height1pt \vskip \afterchapskip}

%% no error if '\leftmark' ist substituted by e.g. 'Ingo'

%%%%%%%%%%   BODY OF THE DOCUMENT  
\title{this is a\par testfile}
\author{Ingo Reich}
\begin{titlingpage} 	    %   \begin{titlepage}
\end{titlingpage} 		%   \end{titlepage}


This is only to debug the \frqq inaccessible\flqq\ error.
This is only to debug the \frqq inaccessible\flqq\ error.


%%%%%%%%%% end of drive.tex %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

%%%%%%%%%% begin of drive.bbl %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Altmann, Hans (1993).
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\bibitem[Barwise \textsc{\&} Cooper(1981)]{Barwise/Cooper:81}
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\bibitem[B\"uring \textsc{\&} Hartmann(1998)]{Buering/Hartmann:98}
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%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% end of drive.bbl %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
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