[OS X TeX] \cite within \href

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Fri Jan 27 18:35:55 EST 2006

At 10:56 AM +1100 1/26/06, Ross Moore wrote:
>Hi Alan,
>On 26/01/2006, at 10:42 AM, Alan Munn wrote:
>>I would like to include external hyperlinks to documents on a 
>>reading list generated by BiBTeX.
>>I thought that the logical thing to do would be the following:
>Nice try ...
>>But this doesn't seem to work.  I get a link, but it is just to the 
>>place where the bibliography is.  So hyperref seems to be ignoring 
>>the first part of the href.
>  ... but you actually get 2 links, at exactly the same place.
>Due to the order of the internal expansions and processing,
>the \href link button (technically called an 'annotation')
>is placed first. The \cite link button comes afterwards.
>But since the anchor-text is exactly the same in both cases,
>the active rectangle of the 2nd totally obscures the first.
>Thus you get what you described.
>It is quite correct behaviour.

Thanks for a very clear explanation of the problem. (Thanks also to 
Claus for his suggestions in a separate message.)

>You need to find a better way to organise your LaTeX source;
>  ... read about it in \href{link-to-paper}{Watson \cite{cite-key-of-paper}}.

I guess since I use the Author/Date style of referencing, natbib 
automatically inserts the author, so this exact solution won't work 
unless  I use \citeyear instead of \cite and hard code the author 
name.  But this modification will achieve the desired effect.

>(where the paper is by someone named Watson).
>Now the 'Watson' will be active for the external URL,
>while the citation number will take you to the Bibliography.
>Alternatively, suppose the \cite command was producing:  Watson [1]
>Then define the \bibitem entry so that it produces instead:
>      \href{link-to-paper}{Watson} [1]
>Now you simply use  \cite{cite-key-of-paper}  as usual in you LaTeX document,
>and you should get both links.
>Now the \href will obscure only part of the active rectangle for the \cite .

I'm not sure I understand this solution entirely, since my 
bibliographies are always automatically produced by BiBTeX and an 
appropriate .bst file that I created using custombib.  Can custom bib 
create such a style, or would I have to hack my own .bst file (not 
for the faint of heart or short of time...)

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