[OS X TeX] Re: html output from bib file (BibDesk)

James Owen jhgowen at mac.com
Sun Jan 29 07:09:04 EST 2006

>> \newcommand{\enquote}[1]{``#1''}
>> \bibitem{Leigh2005a}
>> \enquote{Distinguishing two isomers of Nd at C$_{82}$ by STM and DFT}.
>> \newblock D.~F. Leigh, J.~H.~G. Owen, S.~M. Lee, K.~Porfyrakis,
>> A.~Ardavan and
>>    G.~A.~D. Briggs.
>> \newblock \textit{Chem.\ Phys.\ Lett.} \textbf{414}(4-6) pp. 307--310
>> (2005)
> Well, such an input doesn't give tex4ht enough much information
> about the semantics of the content.  With a few definitions like
>   \renewcommand{\enquote}[1]{\HCode{<span class="title">}``#1''</ 
> span>}
>   \Configure{textit}
>       {\HCode{<span class="journal">}}
>       {\HCode{</span>}}
> a better output can be obtained.
> -eitan

Thanks for all the responses.

- Having all the text dumped into a table cell isn't really what I am  
after - I want the html to be
broken down into a series of spans, one for authors, one for titles etc.

<li class="Pub">
	<span class="Title">Distinguishing two isomers of Nd at C$_{82}$ by STM  
and DFT</span>
	<br />
	<span class="Author">D. F. Leigh and J. H. G. Owen and S. M. Lee and  
K. Porfyrakis and A. Ardavan and G. A. D. Briggs</span>
	<span class="Journal">Chem.\ Phys.\ Lett.</span> 
	<span class="Volume">414</span> 
	<span class="Pages">307-310</span> 
	(<span class="Date">2005</span>) 
	<span class="url"><a href="http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cplett. 

- I have tried bibtext2html, but again not enough control - I can't  
see how to have the title before the
authors for example.
It's nice to have something formatted to look like the .bib file, but  
again that is not what I am thinking of.

- How do I rewrite the .bst file or the .tex bibliography preamble,  
in order to add all these \renewcommand
sequences? That seems like a good approach.

Is there a good resource on the Web for editing/deciphering .bst  
files? Or on adding renewcommands?



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