[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk-1.2.2

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Mon Jan 30 22:35:27 EST 2006

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk  
1.2.2 is now available at <http://bibdesk.sf.net/>.  We have a number  
of new features in this release (notably some new file import types),  
as well as many bug fixes and performance improvements.

Thanks to those of you who reported bugs in the nightly builds and  
sent in feedback with your crash reports!  Since it seems that there  
are always a few bugs remaining, no matter how many we fix, please  
file bug reports at <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/? 
group_id=61487&atid=497423> for any problems you find.

Copious release notes follow, as usual.

*** Changes since 1.2.1 ***

BibDesk is now a Universal Binary!

** New Features
   -  Search results are now highlighted in the preview pane below  
the document
   -  URLs (local and remote) in preview pane are now clickable links
   -  Smart groups can now be created based on containment in any  
field of an item
   -  Editor displays a Discard button in more cases when closing an  
item whose cite key has not been set
   -  JSTOR exported files (tab-delimited and tagged) can now be read  
directly by copy/paste or drag-and-drop
   -  ISI Web of Science exported files can now be read directly by  
copy/paste or drag-and-drop
   -  The contents of parseable files (currently BibTeX, RIS, JSTOR,  
and Web of Science) can be added by dropping the file(s) on BibDesk's  
main window or dock icon, pasting the text into the main window, or  
using the Services menu in a Services-aware application
   -  New autocompletion plugin (input manager)
   -  You can now export and copy as amsrefs LaTeX (.ltb)

** Bugs Fixed
   -  Warning message in autocomplete preferences is more specific  
(it only relates to the icon) and shows a generic application icon  
instead of the caution icon
   -  Document change count is no longer cleared (marked as saved) if  
a save operation fails
   -  Character conversion failure message should be more useful (at  
least on Tiger)
   -  RSS is no longer TeXified, and is saved as UTF-8 instead of ASCII
   -  Improved group drawing performance
   -  Fixed crash when trying to open a local file that does not exist
   -  Renamed "All Fields" search item to "Any Field"
   -  Improved memory and speed efficiency of author comparisons
   -  Adding/removing items from documents should be faster, due to  
removal of redundant interface updates
   -  Fixed exception when removing objects from an array on Panther
   -  File opening is faster and uses less memory
   -  Fixed bug #1398210, publisher and address are single-valued fields
   -  Fixed leak of menu item in the dock menu
   -  Replaced Apple's autocompletion in the editor with a faster  
implementation; users reported very slow text entry and other  
problems (#1407847)
   -  "Author Editor" string changed to "Author or Editor"
   -  More status info in the tooltips for the status bar icons
   -  Compiled Tiger-only NSBezierPath category for x86, which should  
fix a launch error reported
   -  Fixed bug #1398362; newly added group fields are now selected
   -  Fixed crash when updating file content search index by deleting  
an item
   -  Spaces in completion entries are trimmed and collapsed
   -  Use Local-Url by default for file names in AutoFile format strings
   -  Fixed bug that prevented editing of the AutoFile format string  
(hopefully fixes #1407765)
   -  Fix error that would have occurred if anyone ever used the  
"Third Author" column
   -  AppleScript works again on Panther (bug #1398702)
   -  Message logging TeX conversion failures should display correct  
hex value for Unicode characters now
   -  Question mark file is now displayed consistently when a file  
does not exist (in the editor and pubs list)
   -  File aliases are now resolved before opening files in the  
editor drawer
   -  Months are now completed in editor autocompletion
   -  Fixed bug #14085591, "Jr" part lost when saving with normalized  
   -  Fixed "Open Using Filter" history to add the most recent  
command, and remove redundant entries
   -  Documents created via "Open Using Filter" will now display  
their contents properly
   -  Added Abstract and Annote fields to text import sheet table
   -  Keywords list is now split properly when creating metadata  
cache files
   -  Generating cite keys for a large file is now possible without  
running out of memory (although you may grow old waiting for it to  
   -  UTF-8 encoding will be used more reliably when pasting into a  
non-UTF-8 document
   -  TeX is now removed from titles when searching for  
autocompletion (using the plugin)
   -  Autocomplete works in the text import table again
   -  Errors are no longer removed from the error panel while their  
document is still open
   -  Errors can be filtered by document via a popup menu
   -  Dictionary completion is disabled in text fields, due to  
interactions with cocoAspell
   -  RIS is now recognized and parsed even if it has leading whitespace
   -  Series field is now enabled for autocompletion in the editor
   -  Fixed crashing bug that occurred when closing an editor window  
while the cursor was in a text field
   -  Fixed bug #1385840, editor window size not remembered
   -  Fixed bug #1414857, creating a new group with the current  
selection could overwrite single-valued fields (e.g. type)
   -  Added a warning sheet when installing/reinstalling the input  
   -  Improved sorting speed
   -  Fixed bug #1417784, exporting a selection as HTML was exporting  
the entire document
   -  Fixed bug #1416318, documented Spotlight cache location and  
creation (thanks to Tony Kroch for submitting documentation)
   -  Fixed a memory leak that prevented documents from being  
released after opening an editor window
   -  Fixed some alignment issues with drawing the group cells by  
calculating the drawing rects after applying all attributes to the text
   -  Fixed bug #1417677, check if a non-smart group is selected  
before trying to remove items
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