[OS X TeX] converting jpg to eps

Arthur Snoke snoke at vt.edu
Tue Mar 7 22:52:39 EST 2006

Thanks for the chart below that explains about prefixes like eps2:

I did some tests that I summarize below.  My conclusions are that

(1) convert always has a middle step of the IM internal format -- never
     a wrapper around the original .jpg file
(2) convert with no prefix or with eps: epsi: epsf: produces asci output
     with language level 1.
(3) convert with eps2: or eps3; produces binary output with ll 2 or 3
(4) jpeg2ps always produces output with LL 2.

Question: When including eps files in latex, does the language level ever 

My chart:

67K Mar  7 22:11 input.eps     from jpeg2ps
52K Mar  7 22:09 input.jpg
53K Mar  7 22:18 inputb.eps          jpeg2ps -b
546K Mar  7 22:12 inputc.eps         convert
546K Mar  7 22:13 inputc0.eps        convert ps:
61K Mar  7 22:12 inputc2.eps         convert eps2:
  61K Mar  7 22:12 inputc3.eps        convert eps3:
546K Mar  7 22:13 inputcf.eps        convert epsf:
569K Mar  7 22:14 inputci.eps        convert epsi:

Fist line in all files is %!PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0

grep LanguageL *.eps
input.eps:%%LanguageLevel: 2
Binary file inputb.eps matches (LL is 2)
inputc.eps:%%LanguageLevel: 1
inputc0.eps:%%LanguageLevel: 1
Binary file inputc2.eps matches (LL is 2)
Binary file inputc3.eps matches (LL is 3)
inputcf.eps:%%LanguageLevel: 1
inputci.eps:%%LanguageLevel: 1

> Convert recognizes the following image formats:
> ...
>        o  EPS       *rw- Adobe Encapsulated PostScript
>        o  EPS2      *-w- Adobe Level II Encapsulated PostScript
>        o  EPS3      *-w- Adobe Level III Encapsulated PostScript
>        o  EPSF      *rw- Adobe Encapsulated PostScript
>        o  EPSI      *rw- Adobe Encapsulated PostScript
>                          Interchange format
> ...
>       By default, the image format is determined by its magic  number,  i.e.,
>       the  first few bytes of the file. To specify a particular image format,
>       precede  the  filename  with  an  image  format  name   and   a   colon
>       (i.e.ps:image)  or  specify the image type as the filename suffix.  The
>       magic number takes precedence over the filename suffix and  the  prefix
>       takes  precedence  over the magic number and the suffix in input files.
>       The prefix takes precedence over the filename suffix in  output  files.
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