[OS X TeX] Using OTF-fonts for TeX

Moritz Bosse Biskup moritz.biskup at uni-konstanz.de
Sun May 14 15:49:56 EDT 2006

Thanks again,

installing the libraries via i-installer did not really work; in the  
"Configure Only"-tab for the TeX-ii2 package I only found options to  
change Paper Format, Languages, and stuff like that. Perhaps I looked  
at the wrong "Configure Only"-tab. And the current ii2-package "Eddie  
Kohlers LCDF Typetools" is currently version 2.34 whereas the  
otftex_install.py script needs otfinfo 2.38 to work properly.

So I tried building the LCDF-tools. The configure-stage of the  
install explicitly offers a --without kpathsea option when run and  
the following make exited without error; but I'm not sure this was  
really a good idea.

Using the LCDF-tools I built, I managed to run otftex_install.py; but  
somehow the script did not really do what I expected.  The  
otftex_install script read the otf-files and did convert them; but  
the files were not placed where I would have expected them according  
to the scripts description. Perhaps because it is missing the  
kpathsea-library? Or do I need to run otftex_install with root  
privileges to work properly?

The following files all ended up in my working directory.

1. I expected 4 pfb-files for Regular, Italic, Bold and BoldItalic,  
but I got 8. Each file appears twice (xxx.pfb (around 120 KB big) and  
XXXLCDFJ.pfb (around 8KB)). Why are there two sets of files ?

2. I get the expected number of vf-files (17):
      2 for Bold: with lining numbers (lnum) / with oldstyle numbers  
      2 Bold Italic : lnum / onum
      3 Italic : lnum / onum / swsh (although I don't really need/ 
understand the swsh)
      4 Regular : lnum / onum + lnum smcp / onum smcp
      4 Semibold : lnum / onum + lnum smcp / onum smcp
      2 SemiboldItalics : lnum / onum

3. I expected 17 tfm files; instead I get 51. Three for each vf :  
xxx.tfm / xxx--base.tfm / xxx--lcdfj.tfm. What are the extra 2 files  
for each xxx.tfm for ?

4. one adobegaramond.sty and three fd-files (ly1pagj.fd for onum,  
ly1pagx for onum and ly1pagw.fd for swsh) as expected.

So I sorted these files to my local Tex-tree:
pfb --> /usr/local/teTex/share/texmf.local/fonts/type1/adobe/garamond/
vf  --> /usr/local/teTex/share/texmf.local/fonts/vf/adobe/garamond/
tfm  --> /usr/local/teTex/share/texmf.local/fonts/tfm/adobe/garamond/
sty & fd  --> /usr/local/teTex/share/texmf.local/tex/latex/adobe/ 

Followed by texhash and updmap-sys (which doesn't do much, as I have  
no MAP-file yet)

This results in pretty clean Latex - runs. But as I am still missing  
the MAP-files, which ?unfortunately were not generated by  
otftex_install?, I get empty pages of output. Probably again, because  
I built it without kpathsea or am missing some write priviliges.

Does anybody have a suggestion regarding kpathsea:
Where can I obtain that single library (lib + headers) (CTAN only  
bundles it in web2c)?
Where can I get binaries of the 2.38 version LCDF-tools?
I guess this would be easiest; to get otftex_install to properly sort  
the files it generates and hopefully generate some MAP-files.

Or as a manual solution:
Can somebody give me a hint, what the MAP-file should look like and  
where to put it?

Here I would guess at something like: /usr/local/teTex/share/ 
with additional entries into the coniguration files for dvips/xdvi  
and pdftex.

Any input woul be greatly appreciated, especially, as I think, that I  
have made some pretty elemental error up front.

Am 11.05.2006 um 14:32 schrieb Bruno Voisin:

> Le 11 mai 06 à 14:08, Moritz Biskup a écrit :
>> I am trying to use the LCDF-Tools right now; they seem to be what I
>> want. But I am running into one problem, when I try to build them  
>> they
>> require kpathsea as a library; somehow I can't find it in the TeX- 
>> tree
>> although texdoc kpathsea shows some documentation. Can anyone  
>> point me
>> to the location of the kpathsea - library and headers ?
> These library and headers are not installed AFAIK in case you have  
> been using the i-Installer distribution of TeX (or the prepackaged  
> MacTeX). But a prebuilt LCDF is available as a separate i-Package  
> lcdftypetools.ii2, with name "Eddie Kohler's LCDF Typetools".
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