[OS X TeX] TeX based on TeX Live release

Paul Vickers paul.vickers at unn.ac.uk
Fri Nov 3 09:33:18 EST 2006

running these from my new temp user (with nothing installed beyond the 
Apple defaults):

> What do the following commands return on your setup:
> echo $PATH


> and:
> kpsewhich --format="TeX system documentation" index.pdf

gives nothing at all

Peter's sh -x `which texdoc` -l index gives:

wildebeest:~ temp$ sh -x `which texdoc` -l index
+ test -f /bin/sh5
+ unset RUNNING_SH5
+ test -f /bin/bsh
+ export PATH
+ needsCleanup=false
+ progname=texdoc
+ tmpdir=/tmp/texdoc.9455
+ : '(open %s >/dev/console 2>&1 || xdvi %s &) || echo "Method for 
opening %s did not work"'
+ : 'open %s'
+ : 'open %s'
+ : 'open %s'
+ : 'open -a TextEdit.app %s'
+ : 'open -a TextEdit.app %s'
+ extlist=.pdf .ps .txt .dvi .html
+ mode=viewer
+ help=Usage: texdoc [OPTION]... [NAME]...
   Search for NAME in the TeX documentation and start a viewer.

   --help        show this help
   -v            verbose mode: show viewer command
   -l            just list all matching files. Do not start a viewer.
   -s            search the disk. remaining arguments will be passed
                 as egrep patterns to filter the find output.
+ verbosemode=false
+ mode=list
+ shift
+ break
+ found=false
++ kpsewhich '-format=TeX system documentation' index
+ filename=
+ test -z ''
+ continue
++ kpsewhich '-format=TeX system documentation' index.pdf
+ filename=
+ test -z ''
+ continue
++ kpsewhich '-format=TeX system documentation' index.ps
+ filename=
+ test -z ''
+ continue
++ kpsewhich '-format=TeX system documentation' index.txt
+ filename=
+ test -z ''
+ continue
++ kpsewhich '-format=TeX system documentation' index.dvi
+ filename=
+ test -z ''
+ continue
++ kpsewhich '-format=TeX system documentation' index.html
+ filename=
+ test -z ''
+ continue
+ false
+ echo 'Can'\''t find documentation for `index'\'''
Can't find documentation for `index'
+ cleanup
+ rmdir /tmp/texdoc.9455
+ exit 0
+ exit 0
wildebeest:~ temp$
> Here the output for the first is:
> /bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/TeXLive/bin/i386-apple-darwin-current 
> and for the second:
> /usr/local/TeXLive/texmf.texlive/doc/latex/index/index.pdf
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