[OS X TeX] include cannot be nested?

Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 22:43:06 EST 2006

Ross Moore wrote:

> What you want is to *use* these commands within a particular context,
> along with doing other things. Thus you want to *define* a new command
> and then *use this* within your document source.
> e.g.  something like this:
> \newcommand{\exinput}[3][]{%  includes an exercise
>  % #1 = optional indicator for hard exercises
>  % #2 = title
>  % #3 = file name where the exercise is stored
>  \begin{exercise}[#1]{#2}%
>   \input{#3}%
>  \end{exercise}%
> }
> where the {exercise} environment is something that has been
> setup elsewhere for this document.
> Then the document source should contain instances, such as:
>  \exinput{easy one}{exercises/ex1_1}
>  \exinput{another easy one}{exercises/ex1_2}
>  \exinput[*]{now a hard one}{exercises/ex1_3}
>  \exinput[!]{now a really hard one}{exercises/ex1_4}

I did get it to work for my own (different) purpose—which was by no 
means to be taken for granted—but, beyond the unimportant fact that I 
don't understand the syntax of exinput so that I have not even tried to 
get rid of the empty parentheses, I still need help.  :-[         

Here is what I did:

The preamble sets up the {exercise} environment and the definition of 

I am using three folders side by side:

    The folder PRINTchapter contains the file PrintChapter1 with
    preamble and, in the document, \include{../EDITchap/1}
    The folder EDITchapter contains the file EditChapter1 without
    preamble and with the text of the chapter and the command
    The folder Exercises which contains the file 1 which has two exercises

1) Things work well. (The only glitch is that in the output there are 
three exercises with Exercise 1 empty and Exercises 2 and 3 being the 
two exercises in the file Exercises/1. It must have to do with the 
counters and I should be able to fix this.)

2) Here, though, is where I need help as I have not been able to get 
something like


in the preamble so as to be able to switch from the VersionWithExercise 
to the VersionWithURL by commenting


in and out of PrintChapter1.

Very grateful (and hopeful) regards

P.S. Back on 4/24/06 7:44 PM, you wrote

    LaTeX's  \include  is *not* the way to do this.
    Instead I'd recommend the  {comment}  package,
    where you can define your own named environments and specify
    programatically whether they should be included or excluded.

but I was not able to find it.
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