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Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 19:02:12 EST 2006

Maarten Sneep wrote:

> On 8-nov-2006, at 23:54, Alain Schremmer wrote:
>> Companion2ed says: "The usage of hyperref can be quite easy. Just 
>> including it in your list of loaded packages (as the last package) 
>> suffices to turn all cross-references in your document into hypertext 
>> links."
>> Until then, I hadn't realized that the authors had so developed a 
>> sense of humor. (I read somewhere that hyperref was difficult to 
>> uninstall).
> Not loading hyperref is sufficient to avoid using it. 

Well, upon reading that divorcing might be difficult, I decided not to 
take a chance and to remain a bachelor so, indeed, I have no experience.

> And yes, this must be humorous, otherwise they must have been malicious. 

/I/ was trying to be humorous but, as usual, failed miserably. I would 
never even dream to imply in any way shape or form that the authors of 
Companion2ed were malicious. At worst, I would say that they often 
overrate my capacity to understand that kind of stuff. But then of 
course that is /my/ problem.

> With most packages that require driver specific extensions, it is 
> usually best to avoid specifying the driver: pdftex will be detected 
> automagically, and if dvi is produced, it is assumed that dvips will 
> be used. Due to limitations in the various drivers, the results may be 
> different: hyperlinks in dvi -> ps -> pdf (i.e. dvips) cannot be 
> broken across lines. if pdftex is usde to produce pdf, then hyperlinks 
> can be broken.

I am using a plain vanilla i-installer installation of TeXShop and let 
10.3.9 take care of making the pdf and all my graphics are pdf. pdf is 
all I know and all I use. In particular, I use no extension in my 

> With that warning out of the way, I'll just list my setup, with 
> comments. Really all that is there can be found in the hyperref manual 
> (texdoc hyperref/manual; read sections 3 & 4).

/Just/ sections 3 & 4 eh? I must have read them at least 3 or 4 times. 
Let me quote here the first sentence: "All user-configurable aspects of 
hyperref are set using a single ‘key=value’ scheme (using the keyval 
package) with the key Hyp." It sort of sets the tone doesn't it? At 
least for me :-)

> I usually set all colours to black, and no boxes.

My case.

> This allows me to print, while still having internal links.

What I would like. (added in proof: but see below.)

> Note that there are some packages that must be loaded after hyperref. 
> ~This is usually indicated in the respective manual (hypernat for 
> natbib comes to mind).

I have no bibliography.

All I want is /just/ two things: a) that the section entries in the 
table of contents be live (but the chapters are \included) and b) that 
the \include in the master file be live. I don't want the internal 
references, as in "as we saw in Section 2.3", to be live because the 
intended use of the magnum opus is for it to be downloaded and 
printed—if anybody cares to, which eventuality in fact is far from being 

> \usepackage[backref=page,pagebackref,hyperindex]{hyperref}
> \hypersetup{%
> colorlinks=true, % use coloured links
> linkcolor=black, % set all colours to black
> anchorcolor=black,
> citecolor=black,
> filecolor=black,
> menucolor=black,
> pagecolor=black,
> urlcolor=black,
> bookmarksopen=true, % open the bookmarks when the file is opened.
> bookmarksnumbered=false, % do not number the bookmarks
> pdfpagemode=UseOutlines, % I forgot what this does.
> pdftitle={Some title}, % the title of the document
> pdfauthor={Your name},
> pdfsubject={The sub title of subject},
> pdfkeywords={the keywords for the document. May be used by Spotlight.},
> pdfview={FitH}, % fit the paper horizontally in the window
> pdfstartview={FitH}, % the view when opened
> pdfstartpage={1}, % open on page 1
> plainpages=false, % I forgot why this is there
> pdfpagelabels=true % allow hyperref to produce special page labels, 
> avoiding double markers with the same name.
> }

Since I am not up to above my ears in stuff right now but only up to 
just below my nose so that I can breathe a bit, I will try the above 

Grateful regards
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