[OS X TeX] (relative amateur) right aligning a paragraph in LaTeX

Paul Vickers paul.vickers at unn.ac.uk
Sun Nov 12 05:57:50 EST 2006


I too recently moved my CV to LaTeX. Part of the reason was to be able 
to automate the production of different versions from the same source - 
in my case a small bash script produces *10* different versions at the 
push of a button:
Colour: Full CV public, Full CV confidential (includes DoB, salary, home 
address, referee details), Shorter CV public, shorter CV confidential, 
and two-page summary CV
Monochrome: same as above, but no colours!

Anyway, to answer your first question, have you simply tried:
\hfill your text here

That will right-justify a single line and is ok for a quick and easy hack.

For your second question, I used the currvita package, though I hacked 
the style file a bit to make it fit my own requirements more closely. 
Happy to share it with you if you want to contact me off list. Currvita 
has a two-column format with the left column being ideal for the date 
effect you want.

Curve is not bad, but I found the tabular environment it uses made 
producing non-indented enumerate/itemize lists in the right column just 
too awakward to be worth the effort: I should state I am not a TeX 
expert, just someone who knows just enough to be dangerous!



Jason Davies wrote:
> Probably foolishly I moved my cv into LaTeX (foolishly because precise 
> knowledge is required to get the layout to work). I am therefore 
> throwing myself on your mercy on this...
> 1) The address at the top looks fine and dandy left-justified. But a 
> colleague said that having it on the right-hand side (with 
> left-justification) is still theonly sensible way to go. This is of 
> course quite easy in Word etc and my usual evangelical discussions of 
> TeX went very quiet when I tried to work out how to do this.
> 2) similarly- I was told that I should have something like this
> DATE (tab/gap) post details.
> Where post details overruns a line, it should also be aligned with the 
> previous line (not slide under the date to the beginning of the line). I 
> was just putting date in bold, then \indent but of course this does not 
> align the paragraph with foregoing text. Judicious use of \indent nearly 
> solved this except where I had this
> 2006-7 blah blah
> 2005 blah
> Where the date is different in length, it's impossible to align the 
> various blahs.
> I have tried using tabular (but then the entries are not 
> wrapped/typeset, they just run off the page) and tabbing (similar) but 
> neither can do what I need.
> If this is too obscure I can post a jpeg or similar to a webpage to 
> illustrate what mean. It's no good recreating in an email since line 
> wrapping and font sizes will mess it up:-)
> If there is some environment that will sort this out relatively easily, 
> do please shout. Please also honestly say 'you are so inexpert, 
> apparently, that you should probably go back to Word for this' (I'm 
> happy writing books in LaTeX but this fine-tuned layout is beyond me, 
> and my reading of the various manuals).
> many thanks for your consideration...!
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