[OS X TeX] Installing the Harvard Package

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Tue Nov 14 16:11:14 EST 2006

At 7:16 PM +0000 11/14/06, François Briatte wrote:
>Dear all,
>I have recently installed TeX on my MacBook, OSX 10.4.8. I am now
>trying to install the Harvard package (I am quite dependent on this
>package, i.e. I cannot just switch to another one).
>I have created the following folder hierarchy: ~/texmf/tex/harvard and
>dropped the contents of the harvard.zip archive (downloaded from CTAN)
>into it.
>When I launch BibDesk and ask to preview my references using harvard
>as BibTeX style, I get a long error log, copied below.
>I did not modify the BibDesk TeX template, I did not modify my TeX
>install (Basic install from Wierda's i-installer).
>- Am I doing something wrong in (a) or (b) or even (c) ?
>- Is there an incompatibility between the package and my hardware, OS,
>software choices?
>- Does anyone know the situation?
>- How can I get the package to work?
>Many thanks for any tips or workarounds.

Just to be clear on what you have done and what 
you are doing.  The following is what should be 
installed where for the harvard package and where 
(assuming an installation in texmf.local (if you 
put these in your ~/Library folder then the paths 
would read ~/Library/texmf/ in place of 
/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local/ (i.e. the 
other folders should exist or be constructed.) 
(Only the first block of files is critical for 
the package to work.)


documentation files:
source files:

To USE the harvard package, you need to do two things:

You need a \usepackage{harvard} in your preamble (this loads the harvard style)
You need to select a bibliography style from the 
list above (i.e. one of the bst files).  There is 
no harvard bib syle per se, only .bst files that 
correspond to particular journals or associations 
etc. (There may be others available that are 
compatible with the harvard style as well, but 
these are not included with the package.)

The bibliography can be invoked with the 
bibliographystyle command in your document, or 
passed as an option in the \usepackage command 
(e.g. \usepackage[kluwer]{harvard})

Then everything should work.


P.S.  I've found that natbib offers all of the 
same functionality of harvard but with a lot more 
flexibility (like custom bib), so unless you 
absolutely need harvard (and not just the 
functionality of Author/Year citations), you 
might want to look into the natbib documentation.

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