[OS X TeX] installing from TeXLive

Claus Gerhardt gerhardt at math.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue Nov 14 16:20:00 EST 2006

Today I downloaded the compressed texlive2005-inst-20051102.iso dmg  
from CTAN (683MB) mounted it and installed the full unix texlive  
distribution following the installer script and Richard Koch's  
description who did it already yesterday (from the DVD).

Installation was a easy and very quickly: Using a bash shell I cded to
/Volume/TexLive-2005 issued the command

sudo sh install-tl.sh

and used the default install with the only exception of installing  
tex into

/usr/local/texlive2005 instead of /usr/local/texlive/2005

Installation went smoothly and took 9 min on my PPC at 2.5GHz(dual).  
Then I issued

riemann:/Volumes/TeXLive-2005 claus$ sudo bash
riemann:/Volumes/TeXLive-2005 root# PATH=/usr/local/texlive2005/bin/ 
powerpc-darwin:$PATH; export PATH
riemann:/Volumes/TeXLive-2005 root# texconfig-sys paper a4

for setting the path and running texconfig.

Since I didn't set a symlink, I had to change in TeXShop's  
preferences the path to

and in the path in my shell scripts to

set path= ($path  /usr/local/bin  /usr/local/texlive2005/bin/powerpc- 

Since I also didn't change the default configuration for my personal  
texmf which texlive expects to be ~/texmf I copied it from ~/Library.

pdflatex, altpdflatex, mpost, Flashmode ran as expected  
(Applescripts) only bibtex complained that it couldn't find my style  
and bib files. Apparently bibtex now requires that my personal style  
files and my bib file are contained in the folders bst resp. bib in ~/ 

Here are the sizes of the various installations


I couldn't detect any performance difference between texlive2005 and  
TeXLive (Gerben).

Below is a list of installed packages and files and of the post- 
installation jobs upmaps, etc.


TeX Live can be used on multiple systems
as a separate subdirectory is used for each
installed binary package in /usr/local/texlive2005/bin.

Preparing list of files to be installed...
   Mac OSX/Darwin 5.3 or 6.*

   Essential programs and files
   Extra BibTeX styles
   TeX auxiliary programs
   Chemical typesetting
   ConText macro package
   Base documentation
   Bulgarian documentation
   Czechslovak documentation
   Dutch documentation
   English documentation
   Finnish documentation
   French documentation
   German documentation
   Greek documentation
   Italian documentation
   Japanese documentation
   Korean documentation
   Mongolian documentation
   Polish documentation
   Portuguese documentation
   Russian documentation
   Spanish documentation
   Thai documentation
   Ukrainian documentation
   Vietnamese documentation
   TeX font-related programs
   Extra fonts
   Recommended fonts
   Extra formats
   Games typesetting (chess, etc)
   Miscellaneous extra generic macros
   Miscellaneous generic macros
   Graphics tools
   HTML/SGML/XML support
   Basic LaTeX packages
   Experiment LaTeX3 packages
   LaTeX supplementary packages
   LaTeX recommended packages
   Advanced math typesetting
   MetaPost (and Metafont) drawing packages
   Music typesetting
   Drawing and graphing packages
   Plain TeX supplementary packages
   PSTricks packages
   PostScript and Truetype utilities
   Support for publishers
   GNU Texinfo
   TrueType font manipulation

   African scripts
   Chinese, Japanese, Korean
   Greek typesetting
   Other hyphenation files
   UK English

Doing post-install jobs from the packages...
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=aleph: BuildFormat on aleph
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=amstex: BuildFormat on amstex
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=context: BuildFormat on context
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=cslatex: BuildFormat on cslatex
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=csplain: BuildFormat on csplain
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=cyramstex: BuildFormat on cyramstex
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=cyrtex: BuildFormat on cyrtex
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=cyrtexinfo: BuildFormat on cyrtexinfo
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=eplain: BuildFormat on eplain
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=etex: BuildFormat on etex
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=jadetex: BuildFormat on jadetex
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=latex: BuildFormat on latex
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=metafont: BuildFormat on metafont
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=metapost: BuildFormat on metapost
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=mex: BuildFormat on mex
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=mltex: BuildFormat on mltex
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=omega: BuildFormat on omega
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=pdftex: BuildFormat on pdftex
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=physe: BuildFormat on physe
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=phyzzx: BuildFormat on phyzzx
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=platex: BuildFormat on platex
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=tex: BuildFormat on tex
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=texsis: BuildFormat on texsis
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=utf8mex: BuildFormat on utf8mex
    EXECUTE !BuildFormat=xmltex: BuildFormat on xmltex
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=ba: BuildLanguageDat on ba
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=bg: BuildLanguageDat on bg
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=cop: BuildLanguageDat on cop
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=cy: BuildLanguageDat on cy
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=cz: BuildLanguageDat on cz
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=de: BuildLanguageDat on de
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=dk: BuildLanguageDat on dk
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=es: BuildLanguageDat on es
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=et: BuildLanguageDat on et
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=fi: BuildLanguageDat on fi
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=fr: BuildLanguageDat on fr
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=gr: BuildLanguageDat on gr
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=hr: BuildLanguageDat on hr
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=hu: BuildLanguageDat on hu
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=ia: BuildLanguageDat on ia
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=iby: BuildLanguageDat on iby
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=in: BuildLanguageDat on in
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=is: BuildLanguageDat on is
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=it: BuildLanguageDat on it
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=la: BuildLanguageDat on la
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=mn: BuildLanguageDat on mn
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=ne: BuildLanguageDat on ne
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=no: BuildLanguageDat on no
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=pl: BuildLanguageDat on pl
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=pt: BuildLanguageDat on pt
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=py: BuildLanguageDat on py
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=ro: BuildLanguageDat on ro
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=ru: BuildLanguageDat on ru
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=si: BuildLanguageDat on si
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=sor: BuildLanguageDat on sor
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=sr: BuildLanguageDat on sr
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=sw: BuildLanguageDat on sw
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=tk: BuildLanguageDat on tk
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=uk: BuildLanguageDat on uk
    EXECUTE !BuildLanguageDat=ur: BuildLanguageDat on ur
    EXECUTE !addMap=SkakNew.map: addMap on SkakNew.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=aifonts.map: addMap on aifonts.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=antp.map: addMap on antp.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=antt.map: addMap on antt.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=aramaic.map: addMap on aramaic.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=arev.map: addMap on arev.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=augie.map: addMap on augie.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=aurical.map: addMap on aurical.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=belleek.map: addMap on belleek.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=bera.map: addMap on bera.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=bsmiu.map: addMap on bsmiu.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=burmese.map: addMap on burmese.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=charter.map: addMap on charter.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=chartervn.map: addMap on chartervn.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=cheq.map: addMap on cheq.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=cherokee.map: addMap on cherokee.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=cjhebrew.map: addMap on cjhebrew.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=cm-lgc.map: addMap on cm-lgc.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=cmcyr.map: addMap on cmcyr.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=cypriot.map: addMap on cypriot.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=dictsym.map: addMap on dictsym.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=epiolmec.map: addMap on epiolmec.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=esvect.map: addMap on esvect.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=etruscan.map: addMap on etruscan.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=fourier.map: addMap on fourier.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=fpls.map: addMap on fpls.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=fut10.map: addMap on fut10.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=garuda.map: addMap on garuda.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=gbsnu.map: addMap on gbsnu.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=greek4cbc.map: addMap on greek4cbc.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=greek6cbc.map: addMap on greek6cbc.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=grverb.map: addMap on grverb.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=hieroglf.map: addMap on hieroglf.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=iwona.map: addMap on iwona.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=kerkis.map: addMap on kerkis.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=kurier.map: addMap on kurier.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=leawood.map: addMap on leawood.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=linearb.map: addMap on linearb.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=literat.map: addMap on literat.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=lm.map: addMap on lm.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=lscy.map: addMap on lscy.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=lucidabr.map: addMap on lucidabr.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=lumath.map: addMap on lumath.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=marvosym.map: addMap on marvosym.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=mntz.map: addMap on mntz.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=mscorevn.map: addMap on mscorevn.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=nabatean.map: addMap on nabatean.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=norasi.map: addMap on norasi.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=oands.map: addMap on oands.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=oinuit.map: addMap on oinuit.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=oldprsn.map: addMap on oldprsn.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=omega.map: addMap on omega.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=pazo.map: addMap on pazo.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=pbsi.map: addMap on pbsi.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=phaistos.map: addMap on phaistos.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=phoenician.map: addMap on phoenician.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=proto10.map: addMap on proto10.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=pxfonts.map: addMap on pxfonts.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=qbk.map: addMap on qbk.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=qcr.map: addMap on qcr.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=qhv.map: addMap on qhv.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=qpl.map: addMap on qpl.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=qtm.map: addMap on qtm.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=qzc.map: addMap on qzc.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=slantcm.map: addMap on slantcm.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=tabvar.map: addMap on tabvar.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=txfonts.map: addMap on txfonts.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=ugarite.map: addMap on ugarite.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=umj.map: addMap on umj.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=urwvn.map: addMap on urwvn.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=wadalab.map: addMap on wadalab.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=yfrak.map: addMap on yfrak.map
    EXECUTE !addMap=zpeu.map: addMap on zpeu.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=allrunes.map: addMixedMap on allrunes.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=ams-bsr-interpolated.map: addMixedMap on ams- 
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=ams-bsr.map: addMixedMap on ams-bsr.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=ams-cmcsc-bsr-interpolated.map: addMixedMap  
on ams-cmcsc-bsr-interpolated.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=arabtex.map: addMixedMap on arabtex.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=cbgreek.map: addMixedMap on cbgreek.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=ccpl.map: addMixedMap on ccpl.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=cm-super-t1.map: addMixedMap on cm-super-t1.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=cm-super-t2a.map: addMixedMap on cm-super- 
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=cm-super-t2b.map: addMixedMap on cm-super- 
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=cm-super-t2c.map: addMixedMap on cm-super- 
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=cm-super-ts1.map: addMixedMap on cm-super- 
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=cm-super-x2.map: addMixedMap on cm-super-x2.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=cmother-bsr.map: addMixedMap on cmother-bsr.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=cmtext-bsr-interpolated.map: addMixedMap on  
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=cmtext-bsr.map: addMixedMap on cmtext-bsr.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=csother.map: addMixedMap on csother.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=cstext.map: addMixedMap on cstext.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=dvng.map: addMixedMap on dvng.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=esint.map: addMixedMap on esint.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=ethiop.map: addMixedMap on ethiop.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=eurosym.map: addMixedMap on eurosym.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=hfbright.map: addMixedMap on hfbright.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=iby.map: addMixedMap on iby.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=latex-bsr.map: addMixedMap on latex-bsr.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=manfnt.map: addMixedMap on manfnt.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=mflogo.map: addMixedMap on mflogo.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=mongolian.map: addMixedMap on mongolian.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=musix.map: addMixedMap on musix.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=plother.map: addMixedMap on plother.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=pltext.map: addMixedMap on pltext.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=rsfs.map: addMixedMap on rsfs.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=stmaryrd.map: addMixedMap on stmaryrd.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=tipa.map: addMixedMap on tipa.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=trajan.map: addMixedMap on trajan.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=ttcmex.map: addMixedMap on ttcmex.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=vnrother.map: addMixedMap on vnrother.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=vnrtext.map: addMixedMap on vnrtext.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=wasy.map: addMixedMap on wasy.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=xypic.map: addMixedMap on xypic.map
    EXECUTE !addMixedMap=yhmath.map: addMixedMap on yhmath.map
Making map files for dvips, pdftex, dvipdfm with updmap...
Re-updating filename database with mktexlsr...
mktexlsr: Updating /usr/local/texlive2005/texmf/ls-R...
mktexlsr: Updating /usr/local/texlive2005/texmf-dist/ls-R...
mktexlsr: Updating /usr/local/texlive2005/texmf-local/ls-R...
mktexlsr: Updating /usr/local/texlive2005/texmf-var/ls-R...
mktexlsr: Done.

Installation is finished.  (Tue Nov 14 20:38:49 CET 2006)

For future global configuration, edit files in /usr/local/texlive2005/ 
(or run texconfig or texconfig-sys).

Add /usr/local/texlive2005/bin/powerpc-darwin
   to your PATH for current and future sessions.

See ./index.html for links to documentation.
The TeX Live web site (http://tug.org/texlive/)
contains any updates and corrections.

TeX Live is a joint project of the TeX user groups around the world;
please consider supporting it by joining the group best for you.
The list of groups is available on the web at

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TeX FAQ: http://www.tex.ac.uk/faq
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