[OS X TeX] Finally we are grown up

Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 12:58:31 EST 2006

Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Le 19 nov. 06 à 17:24, Alain Schremmer a écrit :
>> I had missed that. In other words, I should:
>>    move to 10.4.8
> Advisable, but not necessary. AFAIK TeX works still on Panther.
>>    i-install everything with TeTeX
> Yes.
>>    Make sure everything works
> It should, as nothing has changed in the teTeX-based i-Package recently.
>>    i-install everything again but with TeXLive so as to be future- ready
> You can, but you can as well stay with teTeX if everything works.
> Regarding TeXLive, I would advise for now to stick to the TeXLive- 
> based i-Package instead of installing directly from the TeXLive DVD  
> (or from its ISO image). Why? Because:
> - You can have the two i-Packages installed in parallel. Open the  
> teTeX-based i-Package, run Install & Configure: your Mac (and  
> TeXShop) will use teTeX. Open the TeXLive-based i-Package, run  
> Install & Configure: your Mac (and TeXShop) will use TeXLive.  
> (Addendum: at present you also need to change the path to the TeX  
> binaries in TeXShop's preference Engine > Path Settings, but Dick  
> Koch is working on having this set automagically so that you won't  
> have to worry in the future.) You can switch back and forth between  
> the two setups as many times as you like.
> - For me the TeXLive-based i-Package works alright, and I'm not the  
> only one. Here and there I have had customizations to perform,  
> sometimes reported to this list, but that's because I live on the  
> bleeding edge in this respect (addition of MathTime and Lucida fonts,  
> etc.). For normal use, you shouldn't have anything to fix and the  
> TeXLive-based i-Package should work out-of-the-box.
> Regarding using TeXLive directly from the TUG TeXLive DVD, Dick Koch  
> and others are working right now for integrating this inside MacTeX  
> (you should have three versions of MacTeX: one based on the teTeX i- 
> Package, one based on the TeXLive i-Package, one based on TUG's  
> TeXLive DVD). I would advise waiting until that is ready and fully  
> tested. IMHO using TeXLive directly from the TUG DVD is not ready for  
> prime time for the standard Mac user; others are performing the hard  
> work for you, you can as well wait until everything is ready for  
> public consumption, or polished enough such that a public beta can be  
> released.
> Please rest assured that something will indeed be released: no need  
> to rush for now and put your TeX setup into danger.

This is what I wanted to read!

Still, since Leopard is not too far away, the time to go Tiger is not 
far removed. So, around Christmas, I will take a very long breath,  
upgrade all my stuff that is on an older machine whose set up is the 
same as this one and upgrade this one to Tiger and then i-install the 
teTEX-based i-Package.

And then I will rest content, as far away as humanly possible from the 
bloody edge.

Very grateful regards to you and Matsoukas for all your therapeutic advice.

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