[OS X TeX] Bib style definition?

Piet van Oostrum piet at cs.uu.nl
Wed Nov 22 07:40:09 EST 2006

>>>>> Vic Norton <vic at norton.name> (VN) wrote:

>VN> How do I define a bibliographic style? Where should it be defined?
>VN> Here is my situation. I am using TeXShop and BibDesk--MacTex distribution. 
>VN> I am writing a paper in 'sospdr.tex'. Its bibliographic commands are
>VN>    \usepackage[numbers]{natbib}
>VN>       \bibliographystyle{plainnat}
>VN>    \usepackage[%
>VN>       colorlinks=true,citecolor=blue,urlcolor=blue,linkcolor=black%
>VN>       ]{hyperref}

>VN> The problem items appear in 'sospdr.bbl' as

>VN>    \bibitem[{Wolfram MathWorld}(2006)]{pseudo}
>VN>    {Wolfram MathWorld}, 2006.
>VN>    \newblock URL
>VN>      \url{http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Moore-PenroseMatrixInverse.html}.

>VN>    \bibitem[Yahoo!Finance(2006)]{yah06}
>VN>    Yahoo!Finance, 2006.
>VN>    \newblock URL \url{http://finance.yahoo.com/}.

>VN> When I typeset BibTex from 'sospdr.tex' in TeXShop, I get the warnings
>VN>    Warning--entry type for "pseudo" isn't style-file defined
>VN>    --line 30 of file sospdr.bib
>VN>    Warning--entry type for "yah06" isn't style-file defined
>VN>    --line 87 of file sospdr.bib

Apparently there are fields in your bibtex items that the bibliography
style doesn't understand. The line numbers should lead you to the offending

>VN> The output bibliography reads

>VN>    [4] Wolfram MathWorld, 2006. URL
>VN>    http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Moore-PenroseMatrixInverse.html. 

>VN>    [5] Yahoo!Finance, 2006. URL http://finance.yahoo.com/.

>VN> Both URLs work. The URL in [4] is actually broken, but it is blue and
>VN> clicking on it takes you to the pseudoinverse page at MathWorld. 

>VN> OK, that is the preamble to my problem. Here is the problem: how do I
>VN> style-define URLs to eliminate the warnings? In fact I would much
>VN> rather see angle brackets than the word URL in the output , e.g., 

>VN>    [5] Yahoo!Finance, 2006. <http://finance.yahoo.com/>.

Make a copy of plainnat.bst and put it in your working directory under a
different name. Look up "URL" with a text editor and change the stuff, e.g.
    { new.block "URL \url{" url * "}" * }
    { new.block "\url{<" url * ">}" * }

Then use the new bibliographystyle instead of plainnat.
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