[OS X TeX] Re: TUG installer symlinks in /usr/bin

Joachim Kock jkock at start.no
Mon Nov 27 10:28:43 EST 2006

I screamed:

> Argh!  I never get paths right, do I?  We are lucky I am not
> the one who writes those scripts.  Thanks for correcting me.

Now I refute the correction.  I was right in the first place.
I confirm the information I gave in the first message in this

I had written:

> the TeXLive installer from TUG offers an option to create
> symlinks in /usr/bin/ to the tex programs.  As far as I can
> see, this represents a potential conflict with the installers 
> and switchers based on Gerben's setpath script.

And Claus corrected me:

>I recommend that next time you first check if the rumours you
>heard of are correct, it is /usr/local/bin.

Since I was describing the situation from memory, and since Claus has 
been working with the TUG installer recently, I reckoned he was right, 
and I immediately accepted his correction.  

However, now I found the installer again, and ran it as far as the 
screen for the optional symlinks, which looks like this:

  Current options setup:
    <A>  alternate directory for automatically generated fonts: [ ]
           directory name: 
    <L>  create symlinks in standard directories:               [X]
              binaries to: 
              manpages to: 
                  info to: 
    <D>  do not install font/macro doc tree: [ ]
    <S>  do not install font/macro source tree: [ ]
  Other options:
    <R>   return to main menu
    <Q>   quit
  New value for binary directory [/usr/bin]: 

The suggested value for the binary directory is /usr/bin/ as I wrote!
This is what the installer suggests, it is not something I suggested 
to the installer -- in fact I would never use that path for tex.

Here is the chunk of code in the installer script which builds the
symlink chooser dialogue:

  L) toggle opt_symlinks
     if test "$opt_symlinks" = X; then
       cls; textvar_show screen_3; echo
       test -z "$opt_symlinks_bin" && opt_symlinks_bin=/usr/bin
       gets opt_symlinks_bin 'binary directory'
       test -z "$opt_symlinks_man" && opt_symlinks_man=`dirname $opt_symlinks_bin`/man
       gets opt_symlinks_man 'man directory   '
       test -z "$opt_symlinks_info" && opt_symlinks_info=`dirname $opt_symlinks_bin`/info
       gets opt_symlinks_info 'info directory  '
       opt_symlinks_bin=''; opt_symlinks_man=''; opt_symlinks_info=''

where you can also see that /usr/bin is the default.


PS: Claus, where does your information come from, then?
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