[OS X TeX] /usr/local/texprograms -> /Library/ActiveTeXPrograms

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Thu Nov 30 01:38:25 EST 2006

On Nov 30, 2006, at 01:20 , Jérome Laurens wrote:

> Le 29 nov. 06 à 23:59, Gerben Wierda a écrit :
>> I have been working on an assisted migration of my TeX Live subset  
>> i-package from the current default location /usr/local/TeXLive to / 
>> usr/local/gwTeX, to make room for the default official TL  
>> location /usr/local/texlive which clashes with /usr/local/TeXLive  
>> on non-case snsitive file systems.
>> This works. It will migrate /usr/local/TeXLive to /usr/local/ 
>> gwTeX, but it will leave /usr/local/texlive alone (given that that  
>> is the TL location).
>> What is now left is the issue with /usr/local/texprograms.
>> I think the idea of using a symlink for the location is nice, but  
>> the location /usr/local might not be the best. The point is that  
>> some users may share or sync /usr/local between machines. These  
>> machines may have a different hardware architecture and setting / 
>> usr/local/texprograms to point to /usr/local/gwTeX/bin/i386-apple- 
>> darwin-current will not work when the /usr/local tree is shared. I  
>> know for a fact that there are users who share or sync a common / 
>> usr/local.
>> Given that, i though it would be better to have this link in / 
>> Library, which is not shared (or at least I think it is very  
>> unlikely) or in /etc which is definitely not shared. The advantage  
>> of /Library is that this can easily be selected by a standard GUI  
>> open panel.
>> So, I am planning to do this in terms of links:
>> /Library/gwTeX -> ../../usr/local/gwTeX
>> /Library/ActiveTeXPrograms -> ../../usr/local/gwTeX/bin/i386-apple- 
>> darwin-current (on intel)
>> /Library/ActiveTeXPrograms -> ../../usr/local/gwTeX/bin/powerpc- 
>> apple-darwin-current (on ppc)
>> The ../.. part of the link is to make sure they still work if the  
>> volume is not the startup volume. The capitalisation makes it  
>> easier to read.
>> Any comments?
> According to my mail 	[OS X TeX] /Library/TeX (was local vs. global  
> symlink) I would prefer
> /Library/TeX/distribution/gwTeX

This is very deep down and that maks it more hidden for the user.

> /Library/TeX/active-programs or maybe just /Library/TeX/programs

I like the Active in the name as it says what the link means.

> Can you explain the reason why the install cannot occur in the user  
> domain?

Because that way a sysadmin user cannot install for all the users on  
a machine.


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