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Victor Ivrii vivrii at
Thu Oct 12 14:09:40 EDT 2006

On 10/12/06, Simon Spiegel <simon at> wrote:
> >>
> > I said "could be learned as fast" and implied nothing more. But you
> > are right, by using Word, I asked for it.
> It's a big misconception that Word is easy learn. Ok, it's easy to
> write something which can be printed and read afterwards, but so far,
> I've met very few people who actually know how to use Word beyond ad
> hoc formatting. Word's styles system is very difficult to use
> (because it's UI is essentially broken) and I'd say that the big
> majority of Word users actually has no clue about the app they use
> (meaning: they use a fraction of its functionality and could easily
> do with something like TextEdit).

Unfortunately it is not completely true. Many MSW users learned this
or that MSW-specific trick which allows them to produce instead of a
primitive albeit neat-looking document some ugly looking  monstrosity
and are so proud of such knowledge that they use it all the time :-)

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