[OS X TeX] Inclusion of TIFF files

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed Sep 6 13:14:07 EDT 2006

Le 6 sept. 06 à 18:22, Louis Talman a écrit :

> Mathematica can remove hidden portions, but it must be *told* to do  
> so.  Set HiddenSurface -> True to accomplish this.

I don't understand. The surface was created using Plot3D, and  
HiddenSurface -> True is the default. I just verified, after re- 
creating the graphics:

In[16]:= Plot3D[Evaluate[deps[x, y, 5, .25]],
   {x, -10, 50}, {y, -30, 30}, PlotPoints -> {601, 601},
   PlotRange -> All, Mesh -> False]
Out[16]= ⁃SurfaceGraphics⁃

In[17]:= FullOptions[%, HiddenSurface]
Out[17]= True

Still, when Mathematica is displaying the surface, I can see new  
portions of the surface hiding previous ones, as Mathematica is is  
drawing one range (y1 < y < y2, -10 < x < 50) after the other, with  
(y1, y2) = (29, 30) say, then (28, 29), and so forth. Same happens in  
Illustrator, Preview or Adobe Reader when displaying the surface, BTW.

It seems HiddenSurface -> True means that hidden surfaces are, well,  
hidden, namely that the whole surface is solid as opposed to  
transparent. But that doesn't mean the PS code for the hidden  
portions is removed from the underlying EPS representation. Or did I  
misunderstand something?

Bruno Voisin

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