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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Sep 7 18:54:18 EDT 2006

Am 07.09.2006 um 21:24 schrieb Paul Fontana:

> \input fontinst.sty
> \needsfontinstversion{1.926}
> \recordtransforms{pku-rec.tex}
> \latinfamily{pku}{}
> \endrecordtransforms
> \bye

The missing glyphs messages are normal – could be your fonts use  
partly different names. Usual PostScript fonts do not have most of  
the TS1 glyphs.

A finstmsc.rc file can contain lines likes these:

	\adddriver{dvips}  {inst.map}
	%\adddriver{pltotf} {pltotf.cmd}
	%\adddriver{macdvi} {preview.Test}
	%\adddriver{oztex}  {default.Test}

which are mostly meant for very special purposes!

Since you installed into your private TeX tree, no texhash is needed  
for this. But it's a fault to invoke 'sudo updmap ...' – have you  
controlled whether pku.map was found and where the MAP files were  
created? I'd recommend to invoke updmap without sudo that the MAP  
files are created in your TeX tree. TeX does not seem to find a MAP  
file that contains the contents of the pku.map file fragment. That's  
the reason why dvips looks for pkur8r. The MAP file (fragment)  
translates the name to pkur8a.pfb. But this name translation does not  

What is 'kpsewhich pkur8a.pfb' returning? The path name to the font  
file? Then all is OK ...

A check whether the MAP file was updated would be to grep for the  
font names in the MAP file ...

My check is a bit of csh scripting:

	set Viewer   = "TeXShop.app"
	set Font     = "some family name"
	foreach Kode ( 7t 8t 8c )
	    if ( -f ${Kode}.lst ) rm ${Kode}.lst
	    set Anzahl  =  `ls -1 *${Kode}.vpl | wc -l`
	    foreach font ( `ls -1 *${Kode}.vpl | sed -e 's/.vpl/ /g'` )
	        @ Anzahl--
	        echo $font >> ${Kode}.lst
	        if ( $Anzahl != 0 ) then
	            echo $init >> ${Kode}.lst
	            echo $bye >> ${Kode}.lst
	    pdflatex nfssfont < ${Kode}.lst
	    mv nfssfont.pdf nfssfont_${Font}-${Kode}.pdf
	    open -a "$Viewer" nfssfont_${Font}-${Kode}.pdf
	rm *.aux *.ps *.recs nfssfont.log *.pl *.vpl *.mtx *.t1a *.lst #*.log

As you can see, a lot of files can be deleted, including the MTX files.



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