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Alain Schremmer Schremmer.Alain at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 18:45:20 EDT 2006

Rowland McDonnell wrote:

>>To Rowland:
>To Bruno: 
>It strikes me that rather than writing this supercilious lecture to me,
>you would have been better off spending your time writing some useful
>instructive documentation for TeX on MacOS X.  Why not?  You've got the
>time, you've got the knowledge, you've got the ability.  Why waste your
>time sneering at me in public (you're doing it to put me down in an
>attempt to change my behaviour - /not/ a good use of the mailing list,
>and doomed to cause nothing but irritation in any case) when you could
>be spending your time constructively, in a way that could benefit future
I must protest: I have been on this list for a couple of years and as I 
wrote earlier, already in response to you and in the hope of alleviating 
matters, yes, there are a few people who, on occasion, lack a bit of 
patience, though rarely, but Voisin, certainly, is NOT one of them. Even 
less is he "supercilious" nor have I found his post to be a 
"supercilious lecture".

If anything, I would say that inasmuch as I understand "supercilious" to 
mean "Lofty with pride; haughty; dictatorial; overbearing; arrogant" I 
rather think that the term has a much better chance of applying to you.

>What about me, I hear you cry.  Well: do you have copy of the LaTeX
>Companion?  Can you read indexes?  See what you can find under
I do (2ed) and I found (not in the Index of course but in the Bibliography)

    [74] Alan Jeffrey and Rowland McDonnell. "fontist: Font installation
    solftware for TeX", 1998

and while there are three other entries for Jeffrey, there is none other 
for you, alone or with someone else.

This certainly does not entitle you to tell anybody how they should 
spend their time or even to assume that they have time.

Minimal regards
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