[OS X TeX] Apologies w.r.t. public communication with Rowland

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Wed Sep 20 03:16:12 EDT 2006

I have to correct something.

On Sep 19, 2006, at 15:41 , Gerben Wierda wrote:

>>> On 17-sep-2006, at 22:23, Rowland McDonnell wrote:
>> I cannot
>> figure out anything about how to use i-installer to give me what I  
>> want,
>> or indeed anything remotely useful.  I asked the author for  
>> assistance.
>> I got none.
> [and]
>> Personal experience
>> which shows that there is no useful documentation, and the author  
>> will
>> not provide help to a confused user?
> [and]
>> Now, I've tried i-installer and just ended up with junk on my hard  
>> disc
>> that I'm going to have to re-format to remove.  The documentation is
>> useless, and so's the author if you ask him for help.
> [but]
>> It turns out that the MacTeX
>> installer doesn't work properly, but while i-installer's author  
>> wouldn't
>> help me sort out i-installer, he did help me sort out the problems  
>> I had
>> with MacTeX.
> The guy is crazy! Why can't he stay in character as a decently evil
> malware provider?

Just to be clear, this was intended as a joke. With "the guy" I was  
referring to "i-Installer's author" not to Rowland McDonnell and the  
malware was i-Installer and the i-Packages. My apologies if someone  
interpreted it the other way.

I must also apologize to you all for fouling up the list with some OT  
parts of my reactions to Rowland (apart from my technical answers). I  
have been going on with this partly because Rowland's communication  
intrigues me from a different point of view and has links with my  
interests in psychology and philosophy (e.g. Wittgenstein about (not)  
rule-following in human communication, the socalled `language  
games'). This has gone partly at the expense of the general high  
level-to-noise ratio of this list. I will try if I can withstand the  
attraction of going on with this. I agree with Rowland that much of  
the documentation (in particular that of i-Installer) is not very  
good and this whole business has put that on my agenda once more,  
though I do not know f I have the time to do something about it.

The only exception I already know I might make is that I might  
publish on this list a link to Rowland's communication with me. A few  
wekes ago I told Rowland that I would behave if he would behave, but  
that if he would go on with not behaving (e.g. lying about that I did  
not want or try to help him), I would assume I had his permission to  
set the record straight by publishing our offlist mail. This I will  
do, as letting people walk away with lies about me in public is sadly  
not part of my psychological make-up. Call it a weakness.

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