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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Apr 12 16:51:18 EDT 2007

Am 12.04.2007 um 18:22 schrieb Alain Matthes:

> 1) how to define a bad place?  Do you have a definition?

When something does not work or it interferes with other things (Mac  
TeX, i-Installer, too small disk partition).

> 2) when I make this install with Ubuntu , I copy the files of the  
> CD on the Desktop and I made the install from this folder .With the  
> mac, I think of making the same process : "/Users/ego/Desktop/ 
> TeXLive2007/install-tl.sh"
> Can you explain what it's different ?

I don't know. You do not mention the files you copy from and the CD  
you use as source.

It's not necessary to fill up your disks with so much waste. In Mac  
OS X just open Terminal (or use *shell* buffer in Emacs) and cd  
(change directory) to /Volumes/TeXCol2006-2007/texlive (on Ubuntu it  
probably gets mounted differently, but the way to install is the  
same, including [most of] the names of the installed directories) and  
then invoke

	sudo ./install-tl.sh

This will start the installation (after some minutes during which  
information on the distribution and the hardware and OS used is  
gathered). Could be it also works to start installation as

	sudo /Volumes/TeXCol2006-2007/texlive/install-tl.sh

which I did not use yet. At least the install script prepares itself  
that it becomes ready to accept your input. The documentation does  
not mention that this also works. I think I installed this way an  
earlier TeX Live Collection.

> 3) Why /usr/texbin or more exactly "/usr/local/gwTeX/bin/powerpc- 
> apple-darwin7.9.0"
>  would be a better place than /usr/local/texlive/2007/powerpc- 
> darwin or /usr/local/texlive/current ?

No, that's not my idea. I don't think it's wise to think in terms of  
"/usr/texbin" or "/usr/local/gwTeX/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin7.9.0".  
It's both meant for a particular way to install two different TeX  
distributions from Gerben Wierda. (Could be Mac TeX follows this  

> and  some years ago a good place was "/usr/local/teTeX/bin/....."

Because then a teTeX TeX distribution did exist (then, or thenner,  
also Simca did exist – what's the name of this car now?). And you  
could buy a Goddess then. When you're lucky you can get at least some  
sex goddess today ...

> I's very interesting to know exactly which are the real differences  
> and  why with OS X, we need always original installations, not to  
> say marginal?

No, there is no such need. The TeX Live 2006-2007 Collection also has  
a shell script /Volumes/TeXCol2006-2007/texlive/install-pkg.sh to  
install a particular meta-package (a whole set of packages would be  
installed, the names of these meta-packages and their contents is not  
documented, or I haven't found it yet). I used it recently to install  
one missing package (and also got some overhead – mpm is the better  

>> Installing TeX Live in the wrong place is not that bad. You waste  
>> a few hours on installing and adapting, and within few minutes all  
>> is gone. Next time you can try to make another mistake ...
> few hours ? no exactly 50 min for texlive on Ubuntu ( with a  
> compile of Kile) but it' not a waste of time because it's  
> interesting to have the same stucture on two computers.

I did not measure the time, and I did a lot of customisation  
(removing half a zillion of languages and formats, adding MAP file  
fragments). This and reading at the same time took an afternoon.



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