[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 1.3.7

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Mon Aug 6 01:08:19 EDT 2007

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk 1.3.7  
is now available for download from http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/.   
Some major new features have been added in this version, and various  
bugs ranging from crasher to cosmetic have been fixed.  Consequently,  
users are encouraged to update.

Thanks to our nightly build testers and to the users who submitted bug  
reports!  As always, please file bug reports on the project tracker  
(available from BibDesk's Help menu).  More-or-less complete release  
notes follow.

** New Features
   - Search group files are now recognized by the Spotlight importer
   - Local-Url and cite key formats are now accessible via  
AppleScript, and you can see if all required fields for the format  
have been set
   - AutoFile is now accessible via AppleScript
   - String fields are now detexified by default when exporting with a  
template (RFE #1748529)
   - Files linked via the File Matcher are now autofiled (RFE #1737544)
   - ISI Web of Science can now be searched in BibDesk (requires access)
   - New option in Find & Replace panel to set empty fields
   - Folders can now be dropped on  the File Matcher's configuration  
sheet, and their contents will be added (RFE #1737603)
   - %T format specifier now has an optional parameter to ignore short  
words (RFE #1761500)
   - Updated French translation (thanks to Corentin Cras-Méneur)
   - Local-Url file of the selected reference can be displayed in the  
preview pane, if it is a PDF (RFE #1763050)

** Bugs Fixed
   - Release notes will now be shown during update check, and an error  
message is displayed if the release notes fail to load.
   - Allow more characters at position 22 of the MARC leader, which  
works around bugs in Oxford's z39.50 output (bug #1741874)
   - Recent preference options should now be searchable in the pref  
   - Calibrated instead of device colorspaces are used
   - Skim notes are sorted according to page
   - Fixed bug in text import from web when auto-discovering (should  
fix bug #1748405)
   - Made File Matcher interface look more like the Spotlight interface
   - Character Conversion editor now ignores an edit when choosing  
   - Printing from an AppleEvent now goes through a PDFView if possible
   - Improved titleCapitalizedString (used for templating)
   - Fixed keyview loop in Find & Replace panel (bug #1752169)
   - Changed icon position in alerts to conform to Apple HIG
   - Empty search strings are no longer passed to other applications  
(fixes a problem with some versions of Skim)
   - PDFView subclass no longer copies data lazily; it's written to  
the pasteboard immediately.  This should fix an exception in Apple's  
code that we can't reproduce.
   - Only the last 24 hours of log output are copied for exception  
   - Icons for .app files will now display correctly (although this  
shouldn't be a common problem)
   - SearchKit doesn't ignore braces when searching, so we now do this  
manually, as we did in pre-SearchKit versions
   - Export template prefs are now localizable
   - Tracking rects in the main table should be improved
   - Worked around an Apple bug in the Save script command, which  
caused file type to be ignored for export
   - Document's file type is used as the file type for a Save As from  
   - Smart groups that depended on "Any Field" were broken when  
SearchKit was added, but should work correctly again

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