[OS X TeX] Leopard Quick Look & TeX

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Mon Dec 3 09:38:58 EST 2007

On Dec 3, 2007, at 1:11 AM, Ralph Martin wrote:

> If, like me, you applied the changes suggested in this list to  
> TeXShop, but still did not get TeX document previews, I have a  
> solution which may help some of you - if, like me, you installed the  
> EPSQLPlugin so you could also get previews of eps and ps files.
> It seems that the EPSQLPlugin interferes in an undesired way. Here's  
> what I did to fix it on my machines:
> Open the info.plist file inside EPSQLPlugIn.qlgenerator.
> Change
> public.eps
> public.data
> to
> com.adobe.encapsulated-postscript
> com.adobe.postscript
> and save.
> The do all the black magic stuff like
> qlmanage -l
> touch EPSQLPlugIn.qlgenerator
> log out, log back in.
> Disclaimer: this is blind hacking and I don't really know what I am  
> doing here - but it worked for me.

If you have a plugin that is claiming to provide QL support for  
public.data, that will likely screw up every plugin on your system,  
since most other types descend from it.

The touch or logout/login just forces the list of generators to be  
reset.  Nothing too magic, but it's sometimes flaky enough to seem so.


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