[OS X TeX] CJK package on Mac

Jung-Tsung Shen jushen at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 02:03:53 EST 2007

On 12/3/07, Maarten Sneep <maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> On 3 dec 2007, at 22:30, Jung-Tsung Shen wrote:
> > I have tried in just now on my Mac (OS 10.4 + TeXLive + TeXShop),
> > following the instruction above (but had to change Big5 into Bg5), but
> > the compiled test file did not show the characters correctly. They
> > were all shown as ?????.
> >
> > My colleagues using Windows said it worked on the Windows machine. I
> > have been trying to figure out why but only gone nowhere. I should
> > mention that the Chinese characters showed up fine when the same
> > document was compiled using xelatex.
> Need more information.
> - minimal source
> - method used (pdflatex, or latex + dvips + ps2pdf, or …)
> - log file, and output
> If at all possible, post the files on your website.

Maarten, Peter, and Bruno:

Thanks very much for the prompt reply. Here's the files:

TeX file:

(* the chinese characters would not display correctly even I save the
file locally and re-open again)

log file:

missing font:

-method used: both "Pdftex" and "TeX and Ghostscript". I have also
tried the texify engine written by Herbert.

Following Peter and Bruno's comments, and went through the log file
(which I don't understand) I think it's indeed font problem as they
pointed out.

How could I install the font? (I know there were thread discussing
this, but never really paid attentions to those discussions ...)

Thanks for many kind help.


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