[OS X TeX] Stemma using TeXShop

Toke Lindegaard Knudsen toke_knudsen at brown.edu
Fri Dec 7 10:55:03 EST 2007

Thanks, Gary and Jan, for your help.  I appreciate it.

On Dec 6, 2007, at 2:31 PM, Jan Anderssen wrote:

> 1) if you're just starting to draw the graphs, it might be worth 
> switching to a different package! given the example you mentioned, 
> have a look at xy-pic: http://www.tug.org/applications/Xy-pic/ -- i 
> believe that works with pdf(la)tex.


> 2) if you prefer to stick to your package, you could convert your 
> images to eps.

I have not yet made the stemma.  However, parts of my work uses eepic 
to generate figures.  I have these parts separate at the moment, but 
they will eventually need to be compiled with the introduction.  So 
converting to eps format seems to be the best solution, as I found that 
pdfLaTeX cannot handle eepic figures either...

Anyway, I managed to convert the jpg files to eps using Adobe Acrobat.

Thanks again!


P.S.  Jan, are you perhaps a fellow Scandinavian in the US?

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