[OS X TeX] Stemma using TeXShop

Florian Grammel grammel at gmx.net
Fri Dec 7 18:18:51 EST 2007

Hej Toke!

> I am preparing a critical edition of a Sanskrit treatise using  
> LaTeX for the introduction and translation.  In the introduction, I  
> am going to present a stemma for the manuscripts, and I have been  
> wondering how to best to that in LaTeX.

To draw stemmata of medium complexity "qtree" has worked fine for me  
in the past. But since I've discovered the beauties of TikZ and pgf,  
and I'd recommand that you have a look at it and it's excellent  
documentation (chap. 15 "Making Trees Grow"). Especially if you want  
to add other graphical elements besides the plain tree (eg.  
contamination-lines) or to vary the shape of the tree, TikZ is an  
incredibly intelligent and fleksible solution.

As you write that you are working with Sanskrit, I guess that you  
might be using XeLaTeX. If so: The version of PGF that comes with  
TeXLive, only works with XeTeX if you use the xdvipdfmx output- 
driver. The up-to-date version is supposed to work without this, but  
I haven't tried it yet.

All the best,


Florian Grammel

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