[OS X TeX] Re: OS X, CS3 and dvips.

Ben Buchler ben.buchler at anu.edu.au
Tue Dec 11 16:51:51 EST 2007

Hi and thanks for the comments....

 > Alas, I have as well. I've been saving the figures back in pre-CS
 > format, but that's clearly not a good solution.

Bother.  I'm surprised that there is so little said about this issue  
in recent times.  I noticed that illustrator
caused similar problems for dvips back in 2002, but that seems to  
have been fixed up until CS.

In CS3, in my instal of it anyway, it doesn't matter what legacy  
format it is saved in, the problem is always

 >1.  Save as Illustrator 10 eps;
 >2.  Run eps2eps on the CS2 output.

I tried using eps2eps (I had always wondered what that might be good  
for!).  This eliminated the error, but
it also messed up parts of the transparency.


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