[OS X TeX] Staying up to date with programs Gerben used to maintain

Jasper Knockaert jknockaert at feweb.vu.nl
Thu Dec 13 14:04:58 EST 2007

Jens Noeckel schreef op 13-12-2007 19:40:
> On Dec 13, 2007, at 10:29 AM, Peter Dyballa wrote:
>> Am 13.12.2007 um 19:02 schrieb Berend Hasselman:
>>> What does Fink do? Something similar?
>> Yes. It tells to edit ~/.profile or ~/.cshrc that these files 
>> "include" fink files /sw/bin/init.sh or /sw/bin/init.csh. These 
>> prepend /sw/bin and /sw/sbin before the original PATH.
>> No-one has to do so. (When installing a package with Fink, Fink uses 
>> unchageable Fink defaults.)
> Specifically regarding ghostscript, you can get the latest version from 
> fink without getting the old tetex, so there should be no conflict with 
> GWTeX even if the /sw/ path is searched first.

Again: that's Fink. We were discussing MacPorts, where you cannot 
install e.g. latex2rtf without getting the whole tetex distro with it.

> Of course this assumes that you don't have applications that hard-code 
> the path to ghostscript's binaries. What you'd get from fink would be, 
> among many others, the up-to date versions of
> /sw/bin/dvipdf
> /sw/bin/eps2eps
> /sw/bin/pdf2dsc
> /sw/bin/pdf2ps
> /sw/bin/ps2ascii
> /sw/bin/ps2epsi
> /sw/bin/ps2pdf
> /sw/bin/ps2pdf12
> /sw/bin/ps2pdf13
> /sw/bin/ps2pdf14
> /sw/bin/ps2pdfwr
> /sw/bin/ps2ps
> /sw/bin/ps2ps2

There is no up-to-date version of Ghostscript available through Fink. 
The most recent version is 8.61, which is available through MacPorts. 
Fink delivers 8.51 in a default setup. If you manage to understand how 
to switch to the unstable branch, you may get a hold of 8.60.

Best regards


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