[OS X TeX] Staying up to date with programs Gerben used to maintain

Jasper Knockaert jknockaert at feweb.vu.nl
Thu Dec 13 15:01:31 EST 2007

Jens Noeckel schreef op 13-12-2007 20:25:

> Thanks for pointing that out - you definitely need to enable the 
> unstable branch to get new packages from fink (BTW, unstable here 
> doesn't mean anything bad, it's just their conservative, careful 
> terminology). And regarding version 8.61, I happen to know that the 
> maintainer submitted that new package a couple weeks ago - he was just 
> too lazy to push for a speedier release into the wild. But the up-side 
> of fink (or macports) is that you will eventually get the update, and 
> will continue to get updates in the future without having to think about 
> it.

Not all maintainers are as conservative with respect to the 
stable/unstable policy. For some packages you really do not want to have 
the unstable one within 10m of you mac.

That said, the MacPorts packages are generally more up-to-date than Fink 
unstable, without running the risk of getting hold of something too 

Best regards


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