[OS X TeX] metapost question

Jean-Claude DE SOZA jeanclaudedesoza at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 14 11:35:17 EST 2007

Le 14 déc. 07 à 12:19, Bruce Kellogg a écrit :

> Any suggestions on what to do would be appreciated.
> I do all my processing using pdftex, and in the
> TeXShop Preferences Misc pane there is checked mptopdf.
> I do not really understand these options, should I check mpost?
> Bruce Kellogg

I use pdflatex.
I run Metapost with mpost in TeXShop because it is easier for me to  
manage errors in the MetaPost file with this engine.
My preamble in the picture.mp is the following :
The mp file produces a file whose name is picture.1 that I include in  
my LaTeX file where I don't forget to add this two lines in the  
preamble :

Sometimes I run MetaPost directly in the LaTeX file using the emp  
package. Here is some parts of my LaTeX file :

%  ----- in the preamble for inserting MetaPost code ----%
%  ---- end Preamble ----%

%----  Beginning of MetaPost Picture Source----%
	% --- Metapost Code --- %
	% --- End of MetaPost Code ---%
%----  End of MetaPost Picture ----%

%----  integration of the MetaPost Picture----%
	\immediate \write18{mpost -tex=latex \jobname}
%----  end ----%

Jean-Claude DE SOZA

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