[OS X TeX] Using LaTeX in Word?

Keith Jones keithlj at suddenlink.net
Tue Dec 18 15:34:42 EST 2007

I have read with interest the thread on LaTeX for Word.  As a Ph.D. 
student who has to work in teams with other students who are PC 
people I was forced to purchase Office for the Mac.  I needed to work 
efficiently with my fellow team members.  While we Mac and LaTeX 
users know that both are better that anything Office could ever 
offer, we do live in the "Real World" where Windows is the 
predominate world wide operating system.  We have to be able to work 
in both systems since we interface with Word users every day.

>Another point is that as I am about to graduate I am looking for 
>gainfull employment and a large percentage of company web sites 
>require that you use their web based systems to apply for positons 
>and some of these company sites do not allow the uploading of cover 
>letters and resumes in PDF formate.  They only allow RTF or DOC 
>formated documents.  I had to import my TeX documents into LyX and 
>export it to RTF.  I then opened it in Word and saved it as a DOC 
>document after I had fixed the problems since LyX does not do a 
>perfect job of conversion.  A high quality LaTeX to Word conversion 
>utility that is freeware would be very usefull.

Keith Jones

>On Dec 18, 2007, at 12:01 PM, Jung-Tsung Shen wrote:
>>Thanks for the reply, Bruno and William.
>>People use Word for various reasons, and it can be impractical for
>>them to switch to another program, or to a fundamentally different
>>typesetting system. A good LaTeX plug-in for Mac Word users, such the
>>one for Windows users, should have its place.
>There is almost something that does this (I think.) MathType is not 
>that expensive, and I believe outputs
>LaTeX. This is not quite the same. I agree with Jung-Tsung that it's 
>a pity nothing like it (as far as I know)
>exists for Mac OS.
>I spent quite a few hours retyping an old book from the 1940s in 
>LaTeX so that it might be republished.
>I think this is all going to work out, but for a while there the 
>publisher wanted me to redo it in Word.
>If the Aurora thing had existed for a Mac, it might have proved 
>enough to do the job. But eventually the
>publisher found someone in the copyediting company he works with who 
>is LaTeX savvy, and I think
>all will be well.
>Personally I cannot stand Word or much else from MS (though I use 
>Excel almost every day); but that said,
>anything that makes life easier for someone is much to be 
>encouraged. Some people have to use Word,
>but would like this functionality.
>David Derbes
>U of Chicago Lab Schools
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