[OS X TeX] full table width multicolumn

Denis Chabot chabotd at globetrotter.net
Thu Dec 20 17:30:37 EST 2007


This question is more (well, entirely) about LaTeX and not about the  
Mac. I am trying to produce a table where all the columns are of type  
"p" (i.e. multilines). I would like to have one line to be fullwidth,  
but the multicolumn command requires the resulting cell to be one of  
l, r or c. Not p. As a result, my full-width multi-column cell shows  
only the first line of the cell content. Is there a way out of this  
beside cutting the text manually and making many such full-width  
single-line cells?

Here is how my table starts:

\begin{tabular*}{6in} { @{\extracolsep\fill}*{5}{|p{1in}}|}
{\bf Lundi} & {\bf Mardi} & {\bf Mercredi} & {\bf Jeudi} & {\bf  
Vendredi} \\
\multicolumn{ 5}{l}{Vérification des niveaux d’oxygène sur l'écran de  
l'ordinateur de contrôle (à toutes les fois qu’on passe près du  
montage, au moins une fois par jour)} \\
            & 5. Décongeler du capelan &            & Décongeler du  
capelan & Décongeler du capelan \\

Thanks in advance,


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