[OS X TeX] Leopard Quick Look & TeX

Thomas Rike tricycle222 at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 26 17:34:09 EST 2007

> On Dec 24, 2007, at 11:20 AM, Gedalin Michael wrote:
>> Is it possible that another application defines uti for the  
>> tag .tex ? I had to remove iTeXMac  since it was assigning its own  
>> uti to tex files and this definition took precedence.
On Dec 25, 2007, at 10:53 PM, Thomas Rike wrote:
> Yes, it is quite possible, but I am in over my head. I spent several  
> hours looking at the results of before and after rebuilds:
> /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/ 
> Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister - 
> dump
> and could not really determine what was happening.
> I am now using QLColorCode.qlgenerator plugin which is now set up to  
> import org.tug.tex and color code the Quick Look. (QLColorCode has  
> also now switched to "highlight")

On Dec 26, 2007, at 12:49 PM, Gedalin Michael wrote:

Would you like to send me offlist the output of the command

Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister - 
dump > list.txt

(just the file list.txt). I use QLColorCode.qlgenerator plugin and now  
everything works. I wonder what may take over the TeXShop definition  
on your mac.

Michael, thanks, ever so much for pursuing this with me. (Sorry ab out  
the blocked message.) Now I don't have to send you the text files.  
Until I read your message, I didn't know how to get a text file copy  
of a dump from the command line, so I have just been using the  
primitive Command F to search in the terminal. I made a text file  
(which btw is encoded in Western (Mac OS Roman)) before and after a  
rebuild of launch services database and found the culprit. In /Library/ 
Spotlight under the auspices of com.apple.local-library (0x800162a8)  
there was another TeX.mdimporter which must have come back with the  
archive and install of Leopard. Since TeX.mdimporter is now located in  
the TeXShop package contents, I trashed this one and I have no  
problems with Quick Look. Thanks again to everyone who has made  
suggestions along the way.

Tom Rike

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