[OS X TeX] Full page image as cover

Manuel libros at limay.de
Fri Dec 28 06:36:10 EST 2007

Thank you all for your help! The image in question is this:


I use PDFLab for other projects, but somehow it doesn't work here,  
even after converting JPG to PDF: the image does not cover the full  
page. I wonder if the paper size used, A5, has something to do with  
it. With \includepdf, thin lateral margins do appear, since the  
original is not cut after DIN, but this is acceptable in this  
particular case, if not quite optimal. Using \cleardoublepage is more  
proper, I would say, than including a blank PDF, though both will  
work. Probably due to some mistake from my part,


did not work, even when combined with \thispagestyle{empty}, but the  
picture appeared leaving a large top margin blank, ca. a third of the  
page, and maybe a sixth of the page as left margin. I do not know  
what "ebb" or a "BB file" are. With


I get the error message "Environment wide undefined".

But evidently, I have not yet understood how to work here with images  
in general. As I get into more ambitious projects, I hope to make  
some progress.

Once again, thank you all for your help.


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