[OS X TeX] TeXShop ignores tab width setting

Friedrich Vosberg fvosberg at mac.com
Sat Dec 29 11:53:43 EST 2007


(MacOS X 10.5.1, TeXShop 2.14)

I've set the tab width in the preferences of TeXShop to 2 characters  
width. In ~/Library/Prefernces/TeXShop.plist I can find:


But if I open a new window and enter tab, the cursor jumps to a 4  
characters width position. Now I enter »Undo typing« and »Show ruler«.  
When I now again enter tab, the triangels in the ruler line double  
their distances from each other and the cursor jumps to a 4 character  
width position. But now comes the strangest:

When I click into the »styles« pull down menue and choose default and  
enter tab again the cursor jumps to a 2 character width position.

Why that? Why does not the cursor jumps under *all* circumstances to a  
2 characters width if so predefined in the preference panel?

TIA and kind regards, Friedrich

»Der Jammer mit den Menschen ist, dass die Narren so selbstsicher sind  
und die Vernünftigen so voller Zweifel.« (Bertrand Russel)

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