[OS X TeX] PATH in Leopard

Chris Menzel cmenzel at tamu.edu
Sun Dec 30 17:44:38 EST 2007

On Sun, 30 Dec 2007, Alain Matthes wrote:
> Le 30 déc. 07 à 08:39, Jerome Laurens a écrit :
>> Selon Alain Matthes <alain.matthes at mac.com>:
>>> Hello
>>> AlterMundus:~ ego$ $PATH gives this
>> You are asking the shell to execute the contents of the PATH
>> environment variable as command, and bash informs you that there is
>> no command to execute.
>> Instead
>> echo $PATH
>> or
>> printenv PATH
>> will only print the contents of the environement variable, I guess
>> this is what you wanted
> :) thanks (I was surprised that Apple works with a new method on path)

Maybe I'm missing your meaning, but just to clarify: Apple has not
altered the way the PATH environment variable works in bash or what
happens when "$PATH" is typed at the command line in a bash shell.  PATH
is simply a variable whose value is a string representing your search
path for executable files.  "$PATH" references this value, so entering
it at the command line has the same effect as entering the string
itself, in your case:


And bash rightly tells you that there is "No such file or directory".


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