[OS X TeX] New MacTeX Packages

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Wed Feb 7 13:57:25 EST 2007


There are new versions of




These versions are based on the experimental TeXLive release of  
February 6. The February 6 version of TeXLive is probably the release  
version, so these could be the release versions of the packages.

TeXLive-2007 contains an  unmodified standard release of TeXLive. It  
doesn't fix problems in the release or add extra files because these  
should come from TUG experts rather than an obscure third person.

But in this release there is one exception to the rule. At the very  
last moment, Jin-Hwan Cho, the author of DVIPDFMx, submitted a  
revised version of simpdftex with the ability to use DVIPDFM or  
DVIPDFMx instead of dvips and a distiller to convert dvi files to pdf  
files. I certainly didn't want to replace simpdftex at the last  
moment, but I added Cho's script , giving it the name simpdftex_dpmx.

In your GUI interface to TeX (or from the command line), you can  
replace "simpdftex" with "simpdftex_dpmx". There should be no change  
because Cho's script is a superset of simpdftex. But there are now  
two extra flags: --dpm if you want to use DVIPDFM and --dpx if you  
want to use DVIPDFMx.

MacTeX_Additions and mactex.tar.gz contain TeXShop 2.10beta5. This  
version can also be obtained at


from a link in the middle of the page. It is not yet available on the  
TeXShop home page. This version fixes some bugs, but it has two  
significant changes:

	1) The default template folder contains an XeLaTeX template. To  
obtain it, remove the Templates folder from ~/Library/TeXShop and run  
TeXShop to regenerate the folder. Then merge your revised templates  
back into the folder.

	This template uses Will Robertson's style files to simplify font  
selection; I hope it will allow new users to experiment with a wide  
variety of fonts and thus understand the advantages of XeTeX.

	2) The Engines subfolder of ~/Library/TeXShop contains a subfolder  
titled "Inactive" with additional engines. The default engine list is  
simple for new users, but others can add these engines easily. There  
are engines for XeTeX and XeLaTeX which call xdvipdfmx rather than  
xdv2pdf. There are also engines by Herbert Shulz to call John  
Collin's latexmk script. These last engines require support files in  
~/Library/TeXShop/bin, so you may need to regenerate both the Engines  
and bin subdirectories.

koch at math.uoregon.edu

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