[OS X TeX] Hyperlink failure with TeXShop and Preview

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sat Feb 10 02:43:27 EST 2007

I've been trying to put, in a LaTeX document, hyperlinks pointing to  
the web pages of journal articles, based on the DOI (Document Object  
Identifier) of these articles. Using the hyperref package, the following


works, it writes the text "DOI:" followed by the DOI given as an  
argument, and makes the total a hyperlink to the URL of the document  
on the DOI proxy, namely "http://dx.doi.org/" followed by the DOI.

This works in general, using either pdfLaTeX or XeLaTeX (with both  
xdv2pdf and xdvipdfmx). For example, \doi{10.1007/s10665-006-9043-4}  
creates a hyperlink to


and the destination of the link can be verified by letting the mouse  
hover on it in the PDF output.

However, \doi{10.1002/1099-095X(200102)12:1<57::AID-ENV446>3.0.CO; 
2-1} doesn't work in all cases: when viewing the PDF output in Adobe  
Reader, the corresponding text is indeed a hyperlink to


which is a valid URL, but in both Preview.app and in TeXShop's  
Preview window the hyperlink appears to have no destination.

My interpretation is that Apple's implementation of hyperlinks in the  
PDF-related Cocoa classes doesn't allow either of ()<>; in  
hyperlinks. Does anybody know whether this is correct, and whether  
something can be done about it?

 From a quick test I've done in Pages, it seems that Apple Cocoa  
classes are confused by < and > within hyperlinks: if I try to create  
in Pages a hyperlink to


the link will actually point to


namely it will stop at the first <. I imagine this is connected with  
the fact < and > are generally taken as hyperlink delimiters (and, of  
course, are indeed tag delimiters in HTML).

Does anybody know whether something can be done about this? Is this  
an Apple bug? Or are < and > proscribed in theory in URLs? Is there a  
special way of inputting < and > in hyperlink destinations with  
hyperref that would avoid the above problem?

To solve my specific problem I'll use the actual URL <http:// 
instead of the equivalent URL based on the DOI proxy, but I'm curious  
whether something cleaner can be done.

Bruno Voisin

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