[OS X TeX] Two TeXShop problems: no language selection / no help

Josep M.Font jmfont at inicia.es
Sun Feb 11 18:32:45 EST 2007

El 11/02/2007, a las 18:07, Richard Koch escribió:

> On Feb 11, 2007, at 2:26 AM, Josep M. Font wrote:
>> With TeXShop 2.10beta7 (just installed), I cannot put it in  
>> English: the menus, etc., show in Spanish, my system language. If  
>> I go to Get Info > Languages, this window remains all greyed out;  
>> the languages are there, all checked, but it is not possible to  
>> uncheck all of them except English, which is what I did in the  
>> past to obtain TeXShop in English. Actually, it is not possible to  
>> click inside that window at all.
> I cannot reproduce your problem here. When I switch localization to  
> Spanish, log out and
> back in, the program is in Spanish and "Get Info" is active and  
> allows checking and unchecking boxes.
> To temporarily fix this problem, you might like to log into your  
> machine in English, make
> a copy of TeXShop with a different name, and remove all languages  
> except English in that copy.
> Then log back in Spanish. Your original copy should be Spanish, but  
> the renamed copy should
> be English.

I did this (instead of logging out and in, it was enough to restart  
the Finder). I was surprised that the copy of TeXShop quickly  
admitted checking and uchecking languages. I left only English, I  
replaced the original by the copy, and I now have TeXShop in English  
in a Spanish Finder. OK!

> I'd like to know the source of this problem.
> One possible check would be to go to the TeXShop web page and  
> download texshop.dmg. The web page claims that you will get 2.09,  
> but actually you will get 2.10beta7. Drag this new copy to / 
> Applications/TeX, rewriting your old copy. Do you still have the  
> problem.

Interesting. The copy of TeXShop 2.10beta7 obtained directly as you  
say and copied into Appications > TeX, allows changing the language.  
It was only the original copy of the program (same version) installed  
by MacTeX_Additions installer that had the problem. See below.

> If not, maybe MacTeX has permission problems I need to investigate.

One thing I noticed is that the folder Applications > TeX created by  
the installer (MacTeX_Additions), where the GUI applications reside,  
is owned by the system, and other users have no writing privileges  
there. I don't think there is any relation with the languages  
problem, as other GUI applications did not show the same problem, but  
tell you just in case (besides, the very fact looks awkward to me,  
but I am no unix expert at all).

>> Another problem: I get no help ("Ayuda"). The Help Viewer shows a  
>> blank screen.
> I can confirm this problem. If I log into my machine in German, I  
> see German help. But if I log into themachine in Spanish, I see a  
> blank help screen. However, Spanish help is definitely included in  
> the program.
> I have run into this problem in the past, and then it was a "Help  
> Viewer problem." I don't remember the details, but removing some  
> help viewer caches fixed it here.  (But still, maybe TeXShop is  
> ultimately at fault.)

Sorry I cannot help you here...

Best regards, and many thanks!


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