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Roussanka Loukanova rloukano at
Thu Feb 22 16:38:15 EST 2007

Hi again,

On Thu, 22 Feb 2007, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Le 22 févr. 07 à 17:12, Roussanka Loukanova a écrit :
>> 1. Before installing mactex.tar.gz, should I uninstall some of what I 
>> already have (MacTeX_Additions, TeXLive-2007). If yes, which parts?
> No, these will be updated during install.
>> Perhaps, I can keep at least Font Utilities, Ghostscript, and ImageMagick. 
>> Right? What about i-Installer: Is there something specific, because 
>> mactex.tar.gz would, perhaps, attempt to install it?
> No, updated versions will be installed if necessary, but that's all there is 
> to it. In my experience MacTeX is really a one-click install, the only 
> problem being the size of the download.

I've downloaded it: it is really a one-click install. Except that I had 
again to do the fix in 
for the beamer package (which one has to do for each update of both 
TeXLive-2007 and gwTeX). I tested the TeXLive-2007, just in case, with 
few files: it just works.

Now, I have a question where to move the folder "mactex" (with the 
Demos, Documentation, Extras, etc.) After the download, "mactex.tar" 
expended into "mactex", which is saved on the Desktop, which is clearly, 
not a right place to keep it). Should I move it in /Applications/TeX/?


> One thing you may have to do is, in case you installed additional elements in 
> /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local, to run mktexlsr and (in case you installed 
> additional fonts) updmap manually from the command-line. i-Installer does 
> this for gwTeX, but MacTeX doesn't.
>> 2. I did the Full mode of gwTeX install. But I am tempted (very much 
>> indeed) to try he expert mode, if you would give some guidelines. (Some 
>> time ago, I dared that with the deprecated-now teTeX. I'm not sure if I 
>> grasped what I did, but whatever, teTeX worked greatly.)
> Unless you have a specific need to do this (e.g. select font inclusion in all 
> cases, customize the list of formats to build and/or of hyphenation files to 
> include, add map files, activate per-user configuration, etc.), it's not 
> really useful.
>> And, as in (1), should I first uninstall the current gwTeX installation? I 
>> have the latest version, installed via i-Installer? (If yes, this should be 
>> easy with i-Installer.)
> No. Gerben takes great care thinking of all possible scenarii and including 
> provision for all of them in his scripts. Sometimes he forgets something, but 
> he has beta testers to catch the omissions ;-)
> Bruno
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