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Fri Feb 23 06:01:02 EST 2007


On Fri, 23 Feb 2007, Martin Wilhelm Leidig wrote:

> Good morning!
> Am 2007-02-22 um 22.38 schrieb Roussanka Loukanova:
>> Except that I had again to do the fix in 
>> "/usr/local/texlive/2007/texmf-dist/tex/latex/beamer/beamerbaseboxes.sty"
>> for the beamer package (which one has to do for each update of both 
>> TeXLive-2007 and gwTeX).
> Huh?  What patch?  Could you please tell me more about that?

Without the fix (see at the end), some of the covered text in beamer files 
does not get uncovered, or it is not supposed to be covered at all. For 
ex., see the word "hold" on p.24 of beamerexample5.pdf. The 
beamerexample5.pdf is located in


The pre-typeset beamerexample5.pdf looks fine, but after you make a copy 
of the examples in your home directory, and typeset them, you will (most 
likely) get the problem. This is just a single word and can be easily 
overlooked (esp., without concentrated attention on the content of the 
material). With some beamer files

1) material (such as text, items in lists environments, graphics, etc.)
gets and stays covered on all frames, without even being in the scope 
of covering, i.e. overlay, command/environment at all.

2) material that is supposed to uncover on subsequent frames, doesn't not 
get uncovered.

It looks to me that some of the environments or commands get total 
scope, after their scope is opened, either with \command{...} or
\begin{env} ... \end{}. As if the closing entity doesn't operate properly.
The problem goes quietly, without issuing any errors.

Something more, even if mis-covered material occurs on many frames, or is 
a large chunk (not just a single word), I can imagine that one can easily 
overlook it, in various situations such as:

After updates of TeXLive and gwTeX, one can just forget to do the fix. 
Since typesetting goes without error warnings, one may make 
small changes in a beamer presentations, which look perfectly ok. Even 
if one Views all pages, this can be done without concentrated re-reading 
of all pages. The longer the beamer file is lesser the chance of 
noticing such mis-covered pieces.

But even with the fix, some problems persist: e.g., in beamerexample1.tex, 
the following color specification produces error:


Till Tantau suggested temporarily a fix, which makes problems with 
beamer files disappear. The fix is (with a slight difference in the 
paths for TeX on Mac, for both distributions, from the path that Till 
Tantau sent over):



replace the line

\setbox\bmb at colorbox=\hbox{\color{}}%

by the line

\setbox\bmb at colorbox=\hbox{{\pgfpicturetrue\pgfsetcolor{}}}%


> ... mit freundlichem Gruß aus Ladenburg:
> -Moss-

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