multiple overlays and a handout (was: overfull boxes; was: Re: [OS X TeX] Suggestion for TeXShop)

Jeffrey J Weimer weimerj at
Wed Feb 28 13:04:12 EST 2007

>> 3. In a beamer presentation, I have a sequence of \only<5>{...}, ...
>> \only<7>{...}, i.e., multiple *alternative* overlays, which take  
>> the space
>> of each other on successive pages. They show finely on the  
>> presentation,
>> but not on its handout version where, all alternatively overlaid  
>> parts

Perhaps one of these three methods will help ...

\only<n>{This is the nth text \onslide<article>{\\ \smallskip}}%
\only<n+1>{This is the (n+1)th text \mode<article>{\\ \smallskip}}%
\only<n+2>{This is the (n+2)th text \onslide<presentation:0>{\\  

I use article mode for making handouts ... use "handout" rather than  
"article" in the first two options if that is what is supposed to  
work instead. Adjust \smallskip accordingly.

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