[OS X TeX] PDF File won't print from Adobe Reader 8.0

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Thu Jan 18 12:14:30 EST 2007

At 5:12 PM +0100 1/18/07, Maarten Sneep wrote:
>On Jan 18, 2007, at 03:55, Alan Munn wrote:
>>>print to a postscript file from Adobe Reader, and see if that 
>>>produces something.
>>Adobe Reader won't let me do that. (It gives a message saying to 
>>use Save As, but then only allows PDF saves...)
>And if you produce a ps from Preview, and then open that file 
>(again) in preview, it will be converted back to pdf. Does _that_ 
>pdf still cause trouble?


>>>  Another option is to look in the console applications in the 
>>>utilities folder to see if something happens there when you print 
>>>this file from the terminal (like error messages).
>>There are no error messages at all.
>OK. Does the info in Adobe Reader (it used to be the little triangle 
>at the top-right of the window, don't know where they left it now) 
>tell you anything about fonts?

Yes.  It has a bunch of fonts (Times, Times-Roman, Arial-BoldMT, 
Verdana all embedded subset TTF)  (Here's the off topic part: the 
original PDF was created from MSWord on a Mac through the regular 
Save as PDF button in Print Document)

>>>Is there a particular reason this is a problem?
>>Sure, first, I would like PDFs that are printable by others, and 
>>many people use Acrobat Reader.  I would prefer that intuitively 
>>reasonable things just work.  Also I tend to use Reader myself, and 
>>would like documents to print as they should.
><grin> I was joking, at least a bit (I really don't like the new 
>reader, for reaasons I won't go into here).
>Have you confirmed that the Windows version has het same problem?

I don't have access to a Windows machine at the moment.

>Does Acrobat 7 have the same problem (on any platform)?

Adobe Reader 7.0 prints the first 4 pages.  Page 5 has a couple of 
images in it.  This gives me a clue.  The printer may not have enough 
memory to print the file in the way Adobe Reader prints.  But what is 
frustrating is that no errors are produced at all (setting the print 
option to "Print a detailed report" of Postscript errors doesn't do 
anything.)  It's also quite amazing that Preview and Acrobat 6.0 can 
print the file, but Reader 7.0 and 8.0 fail and in different ways. 
Is it possible that  each application deals with the printer 
differently so that the memory limitation shows up in one but not the 

>What type of printer, postscript, or otherwise?

It's a Laserjet 4m (Postscript)

>Is it possible to create a small pdf that exhibits the problem and 
>share it with us?

I think I'll give up on this now.  But software that fails so 
silently is extremely annoying.

Thanks for your help.


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