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John Maindonald John.Maindonald at anu.edu.au
Fri Jan 19 18:59:19 EST 2007

Many thanks.  That is very helpful, especially your final comment.

I am more than happy to direct them to the list.  I had considered  
that there may be a task here for a TeX consultant, but of course I  
have first to understand what is a good route to take, and what I may  
need to follow it.

I've not yet got to studying in detail the information in your  
earlier message.  Clearly they provide important clues if I do decide  
to try to look for substitute fonts.

I'm not sure, but I think default1 may merely be a device for  
generating an error if the requisite fonts are not all in place.

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On 20 Jan 2007, at 3:56 AM, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Le 12 janv. 07 à 09:20, John Maindonald a écrit :
>> I hope you'll not mind this direct inquiry.  I'll post it to the  
>> MacOSX-TeX list if that seems preferable, though I'd prefer to  
>> hone it a bit before taking that route.  I am not sure that I  
>> understand the issues well enough to formulate the question with  
>> the brevity and clarity that is desirable for the list. I noticed  
>> that you'd at some time posted details on a web site re the Y&Y  
>> fonts/system.  At most I am hoping that you might be able to  
>> provide brief quick clues.  I am sure you will feel free to say if  
>> you feel that I am making a request that lies beyond what you  
>> regard as reasonable,
> Dear Professor Maindonald,
> Sorry for this belated answer. At the time I received your message  
> I was precisely working on adapting my Lucida (and MathTime) font  
> setups, originating from Y&Y through Blue Sky Research, in order to  
> make them work with the newest and redesigned TeX distributions for  
> the Mac (gwTeX from i-Installer, TeXLive from MacTeX). I decided to  
> answer after that was done, but unfortunately the task took (much  
> much) longer than expected and I just finished it yesterday.
> That said, please don't shy away from the OS X TeX list. People  
> there are generally friendly, and questions from TeX beginners are  
> frequent. Moreover, I prefer not to be contacted directly. Any time  
> I devote to TeX matters is time I really shouldn't, and receiving  
> direct request makes it even more difficult for me to regulate this  
> time.
>> The LaTeX manuscript for my book was "typeset" by an Indian firm  
>> who used what seems an antique Y&Y setup on a PC.  I am concerned  
>> to be able to process the resulting LaTeX files on my Mac OSX  
>> 10.4.8 setup.   There are various other avenues that I might  
>> pursue, and I do of course have the manuscript as it was when it  
>> was sent to the Indian typesetters.
>> When I try to process them, problems start with the following,  
>> from a file Srly1enc.sty.  kpathsea complains that it cannot find  
>> default1, as no doubt it should.
>> %%
>> %% This is file `srly1enc.sty',
>> %% 2003, Ragu
>> %%   v. 0.1 2000/10/12 (modified support for TEXNANSI=LY1 encoding)
>> %% - modified ly1enc.def
>> %% - Dumped into this file is modified "texnansi.sty"
>> %% - Dumped into this file is modified  
>> "sryyext2.tex" ("\AtBeginDocument")
>> %% - original: Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999 David Carlisle
>> %%
>> \ProvidesPackage{srly1enc}
>> [2000/10/23 v0.101 %
>>   modified support for TEXNANSI encoding]
>> %
>> %
>> %
>> \DeclareFontEncoding{LY1}{}{}
>> \DeclareErrorFont{LY1}{dfl}{p}{q}{10}%% to see the error!!!
>> %%% Attributes p,q do not exist, so default1 is used always with  
>> font error
>> \DeclareFontSubstitution{LY1}{dfl}{p}{q}%% to see the error!!!
>> %
>> \DeclareFontFamily{LY1}{dfl}{}
>> \DeclareFontShape{LY1}{dfl}{p}{q}{<-> default1}{}
>> %
>> ....
>> I do have what should be all the files needed, and instructions,  
>> for installing the setup on a PC, but I've scant idea how this  
>> might translate to an OSX system.
> If you do have the Lucida fonts (in TrueType or PostScript format)  
> and these are the fonts the typesetter used, then it's a matter of  
> putting all the pieces at the appropriate places. See my post on this:
> <http://tug.org/pipermail/macostex-archives/2007-January/027878.html>
> followed by two corrections:
> <http://tug.org/pipermail/macostex-archives/2007-January/027900.html>
> <http://tug.org/pipermail/macostex-archives/2007-January/027979.html>
> However, it seems the typesetter used non-standard fonts which  
> probably come with homemade support files (like a default1.tfm  
> metrics). No general rule here, you'll have to study the PC  
> instructions carefully and adapt them for the Mac. Unfortunately I  
> can't help; maybe somebody on the OS X TeX list could. This is non- 
> trivial job, the kind of job some people hire a TeX consultant for;  
> maybe TUG could direct you towards one?
>> What I'd prefer is to find a translation to fonts that are  
>> standardly available, or can  readily be made available, on an OSX  
>> installation.  I am using the latest gwtex setup under the latest  
>> version of Gerben's I-installer. I'd expect that it should have  
>> equivalents to the fonts used by the typesetters.
> This would be even less trivial, but probably the better solution  
> in the long run. You need to study the style files (with .sty  
> extension) and font definition files (with .fd extension)  
> carefully, then see what logic lies behind the font selection and  
> intercept each font call and translate it to one to standard (CM,  
> LM) fonts. Again, that requires a fair amount of TeX expertise.
> Sorry not to be able to help more. I'm cc'ing this answer to the OS  
> X TeX list, as I really think this would be the most appropriate  
> forum for your question, and I think your message was perfectly  
> appropriate for the list.
> Good luck,
> Bruno Voisin
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