[OS X TeX] Reinstalling texmf.local

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Jan 23 04:33:27 EST 2007

Le 23 janv. 07 à 09:36, Steffen Hokland a écrit :

> After updating to TL my /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local - stuff  
> needs to be reinstalled in the gwTeX-tree... Does this require  
> actually reinstalling the files (downloading, unpacking etc.) or  
> would it be possible to simply mv/cp the entire texmf.local  
> directory to gwTeX in place of the one there whithout breaking  
> something?

I suppose that by TL you mean you did not install TeXLive-2007.dmg,  
the MacTeX distribution of TeXLive, but gwTeX, its i-Installer  
subset. That given, I don't think it's a good idea to move the entire  
texmf.local directory. Primary reasons are:

- texmf.pkgs is now the place where to put system-wide local  
additions. That's also where CM-Super, TeX Gyre and probably also the  
other additional TeX i-Packages (MusicTeX, ConTeXt, ...) are installed.

- texmf.local is reserved for stuff created at configure time  
(formats, map files and the like), and its design has slightly  
changed I think (like the grouping of formats for pdfTeX inside a  
subdirectory web2c/pdftex/).

I think what's better is identify what you had added yourself inside  
your /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local/, and put it back one by one  
inside the new /usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.pkgs. If you're not rebuffed by  
highly technical stuff, you can also have a look at /Library/TeX/ 
Distributions/TeXDist-description.rtf to see the reasons behind the  
new directory design.

> Alternatively - could I mv to ~/Library/texmf?

Nothing has changed in the new distributions regarding the use of ~/ 
Library/texmf. Just be sure to use the correct invocation of updmap- 
sys or updmap, and similarly for fmtutil in case you're using it.  
With the gwTeX default which is to prohibit creation of user-specific  
formats and map files inside ~/Library/texmf, the invocations should be:

- sudo -H updmap-sys [...] for additions (fonts and the like) inside  

- sudo updmap-sys [...] for additions inside ~/Library/texmf

With these calls, the additions will be read where you have put them,  
and the formats and global map files will be created inside texmf.local.

If you have selected backwards compatibility at the end of the  
Configure stage of the gwTeX i-Package in Expert mode, the necessary  
steps should have been taken to make sure any other call to updmap or  
updmap-sys should be equivalent to the above calls (I think, I  
haven't experimented with this).

If, on the contrary, you're willing to have user-specific formats and/ 
or map files created inside ~/Library/texmf/ (as Gary Gray just  
"confessed" to be using ;-), then you have to deselect the backwards- 
compatibility measure at the end of the Configure stage of gwTeX, and  
invoke the proper call of updmap and fmtutil. Here I can't help, I've  
never tried.

Bruno Voisin
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