[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk-1.3.1

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Sat Jan 27 01:09:12 EST 2007

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk 1.3.1  
is now available for download at <http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net>.   
This release is primarily intended to fix bugs in the recent 1.3.0  
release, which explains the paucity of new features.

Please continue to report bugs and crashes at <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=61487&atid=497423 
 >, as these help us improve the program.  Thanks to those of you who  
reported exceptions with the new exception reporting feature, and  
please remember to include any details of what you did to cause the  

More-or-less complete release notes follow, as usual.  Sourceforge may  
have eaten some of our commit log messages, so who knows what's  
actually different in this release.

New Features
   *  Option to reopen document with previously used text encoding
   *  Warning is displayed when using a non-standard BibTeX style for  
   *  Files can be dropped on text fields even if they are not  
currently being edited
   *  Hidden preferences for group separator characters; search Help  
for BDSKGroupFieldSeparatorCharactersKey
   *  Spotlight search items now have more metadata keys
   *  We now have a "Person" field type, which can be used to display  
arbitrary fields according to BibTeX name rules
   *  Required field names can now be edited
   *  Added action to the Edit menu that will invert a selection (text  
or tableview)

Bugs Fixed
   *  Autogeneration and script hooks run when deleting or changing a  
fieldname in the editor
   *  Script groups now respect the termination status of the script
   *  Reset encoding popup after save (fix bug #1634419)
   *  Split citation fields by comma only
   *  Fixed crash that occurred after copying items and then closing  
their document
   *  Setting document info works again
   *  Fixed author string leaks
   *  Fixed highlight of smart and static groups
   *  Fixed autocomplete for crossref and citation fields
   *  Cite keys for non-BibTeX types are now generated after adding to  
the database (bug #1637043)
   *  Non-numeric month strings are now recognized as dates again (bug  
   *  Spotlight importer now runs whenever the application version or  
OS version changes
   *  Exception viewer now displays stack traces
   *  Open Using Filter now works again
   *  Same title display is used in table and preview pane
   *  Fixed exceptions in BibTeX parsing when a file was opened with  
incorrect encoding
   *  z39.50 search servers can be deleted
   *  Correct TeX/ConTeXt bracket style is now used and displayed in  
preferences (bug #1637840)
   *  "Parse format" script command now returns text
   *  File opened at startup is now saved as an alias instead of a  
path, and the exception when the path didn't exist is fixed
   *  Check UTI of dropped files before sniffing text content, which  
fixes lame RIS files from Nature (bug #1636437)
   *  Incorrect regex backreference was used when fixing Reference  
Miner's RIS output (bug #1635984)
   *  Decomposable characters from Latin Extended Additional are  
included as convertible (bug #1639591)
   *  Exceptions reports can now be sent via Entourage, not just Apple  
   *  Errors are no longer reported when characters cannot be  
converted to TeX
   *  Note fields are now sorted when saving to the end of an item
   *  Default search field for new installs is "Any Field" and default  
type is "article"
   *  Find & Replace panel redesigned
   *  External items are no longer validated when closing an editor  
window, since they generally have issues
   *  Space is now allowed before "@type" when sniffing the pasteboard  
for BibTeX
   *  Moved various menu items to a new "Database" menu
   *  Fix pages and AID fields from PubMed's Medline output
   *  Fixed exception handling in the TeX preview task, so it is no  
longer left in an inconsistent state which would cause a perpetual  
spinning progress indicator (bug #1627245)
   *  Edited and selected cell is now restored after autogeneration  
(bug #1643632)
   *  Drawer button in the editor animates earlier
   *  Allow & and $ in cite keys when sniffing for BibTeX (bug #1643963)
   *  More useful error message is displayed when unparseable text is  

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