[OS X TeX] Creating a glossar

Christian Burk maillists at gmx.de
Sat Jan 27 13:52:59 EST 2007

Am 27.01.2007 um 17:22 schrieb Peter Dyballa:

> Am 27.01.2007 um 16:18 schrieb Christian Burk:
>> TeXShops runs four times but the console says for the part of  
>> bibtex: "I couldn't open file name `glossar.gls.aux'"
> The man page says:
>        BibTeX reads the top-level auxiliary (.aux) file that was  
> output during
>        the running of latex(1) or tex(1) and  creates  a   
> bibliography  (.bbl)
>        file  that will be incorporated into the document on  
> subsequent runs of
>        LaTeX or TeX.  The auxname on the command line must  be   
> given  without
>        the .aux extension.  If you don't give the auxname, the  
> program prompts
>        you for it.
>        BibTeX looks up, in bibliographic database (.bib)  files   
> specified  by
>        the  \bibliography  command,  the  entries  specified  by  
> the \cite and
>        \nocite commands in the LaTeX or  TeX  source  file.   It   
> formats  the
>        information  from those entries according to instructions in  
> a bibliog-
>        raphy style (.bst) file (specified by the   
> \bibliographystyle  command,
>        and it outputs the results to the .bbl file.
> I am no BibTeX user, I don't have a clue. My understanding is that  
> the GLS file is an additional and independent file that could be  
> used with other LaTeX documents, too. Therefore it can have a name  
> that does not change from project to project. I took my suggestion  
> from
>> LaTeX > BibDeskGlossar > LaTeX > LaTeX
> and
>> bibtex "${bfname}".gls
> (which is the same as "file name.gls").
> To help you find a solution: the engine should be doing the job the  
> same way you would do it by hand. If an intermediate step is to run  
> the BibDesk application, instead of bibtex, then the right  
> statement in the engine file should be something like
> 	open -a BibDesk <a file name>
> The problem left here is whether the script stops and waits that  
> BibDesk quits – or whether it just finishes by twice invoking latex.
> What are the actual commands/actions?

During the process of creating the glossar nothing is done with  
BibDesk. BD is just used for building up the file bib file for the  
After I inserted the appropriate word and descriptions I only press  
command+s. Afterwards I move over to the Latex-file and typeset it in  
the following steps:
(1) pdflatex
(2) Glossar engine with:
      bfname=$(dirname "$1")/"`basename "$1" .tex`"
      bibtex "${bfname}".gls
(3) pdflatex
(4) pdflatex

Now I have my glossar.
What I want is "just" the combination of these runs within one engine.

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