[OS X TeX] Latexmk 3.21c and epstopdf package support for pdflatex

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Mon Oct 1 16:41:28 EDT 2007


Here's the info:

Compiling a tex file that contains cross-references, bibliographic  
references and/or indexes is a multi-pass process; i.e., you've got  
to run (pdf/xe)latex multiple times with possible intermediate runs  
of bibtex and/or makeindex until all references are resolved. The  
latexmk program automates this multi-pass process. By default it  
first runs (pdf/xe)latex on a source file, determines file  
dependencies by examining the log file produced by the run and then  
automatically runs bibtex and/or makeindex, if needed, and the  
correct number of additional runs of (pdf/xe)latex to generate the  
bibliography, index and cross-references. If any of the dependecies  
are updated and latexmk is run it will run the correct processes to  
update the final pdf file. This version of latexmk, 3.21c, will also  
correctly work with the nomencl package as well as the glossary or  
glossaries packages and packages that produce multiple bibliographies  
or indexes (e.g., mutlibib and multind).

New with the latexmk 3.21c packaging:

Including eps graphics files directly in pdflatex documents requires  
the use of the epstopdf package. If you have an included eps file  
\emph{and a converted pdf version of the file doesn't exist} the  
epstopdf package converts the eps file into a corresponding pdf file  
using epstopdf). Once the pdf exists the conversion no longer takes  
place, even if the eps file is updated, unless you remove the pdf  
file. The pdflatexmkrc and xelatexmk support files for this  
distribution of latexmk 3.21c now will detect an updated eps file,  
run the conversion to pdf and then re-run pdflatex to update the  
document. Note: the file name in your \includgraphics commands should  
\emph{not} have an extension or latexmk will go into a run-on  
condition (infinity = 6 for latexmk runs).

I want to thank John Collins for his great work on latexmk. It has  
automated the multi-pass processing of many files and saved lots of  
time for me and hopefully others.

You can pick up Latexmk321cTeXShop.zip at <http:// 

I'm sorry for releasing the TeXShop packaging so frequently but the  
changes made by John in successive updates to latexmk has opened up  
so many useful features and I want to get them out to the community.

Coming next should be pdftricks support. It will need the [noshell]  
option set for pdftricks (\usepackage[noshell]{pdftricks}) since  
latexmk will take care of and keep track of the external figure file  
processing. Hopefully pst-pdf support will come too.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest.com)

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